ask for what you wish for

Today I’d like to share two stories from the past 72 hours and have completely surprised me and demonstrated the power of conjuring (sharing your desires), which is an exercise from Mama Gena’s Guide to Womanly Arts.

I hope that my recent experiences inspire you to make a conjuring list or even fulfill a conjuring list for someone else!


PS – Does anyone know how to make my camera lens stop readjusting throughout the video? I got a new camera and can’t figure out how to make the zoom stay still during videos.

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  1. carogriffin

    I’m not sure what kind of camera you’re using but if it’s an SLR, it might just be a matter of turning off auto focus?

    1. It’s a Cannon Rebel 5i. I do have it on auto focus… does that mean I am going to need to learn manual? (And is it hard to learn/do right?)

      1. I had a similar problem when I first got my Rebel and if I remember correctly, it was just a matter of flipping the switch on the lens from AF to MF and manually turning the lens to focus before I started filming.

        If no one is helping you film these, there might be a little trial and error to make sure you’re in focus (instead of say, the paintings behind you) but it shouldn’t be too hard. Hope that helps!

        1. Thank you! Yes, it’s just me taping these videos. I will try the manual thing – I had this feeling that trying to point it at the right spot and then moving into position might make it fuzzy that way, but some trial and error might prove that wrong. Thanks!

          1. kelly

            Maybe try putting something on the chair you’ll be sitting on that will be about as high and far away from the camera as your face will be (a stack of books or pillows, maybe?) and then focusing manually on that position before starting to shoot?

          2. Jess Lively

            That is a good idea! I will try that next time. : ) Thanks!

  2. I am so happy that you enjoyed the book!

    Yes I absolutely love conjuring. Whenever I see it as a game, an opportunity to discover new ways to call in the opportunity I am always amazed how it works. You shared the process – ask, allow yourself to receive and move your feet towards what you want. The rest well the universe takes care of it.

    1. That’s awesome, Laura. Did you have a crazy conjuring story when you did it or since then, too?

      1. There are quite a few such as having Kanye West decided to drop by and sing a concert I produce for free. It was a desired that one of the student that I advised in the production process had a year prior. Being able to witness how the story unfold, Kanye is in NYC, he wants to come and sing at the show in less than an hour, and having all of the pieces fall together effortlessly it was as if the universe was truly taking care of it all.

        Kanye was in a good mood. He showed up with a few other famous celebrity as part of his entourage.

        Right now, I have been doing a major exfoliation in my living space. I was able to conjure a paid internship with a professional reorganizer. It’s been fantastic being able to gain the wisdom while creating good work at the same time.

        1. That is so great to hear, hun! And Kanye! I never thought about conjuring a celebrity… fancy. ; ) It sounds amazing.

          I would also love to shadow you for a day just to see what it is like to be a pro reorganizer. Is it fun?

  3. So true! This conjuring list is about desires more than it is things vs. experiences. Both can make the list!

  4. Kimberly Anne

    I love this idea/theory. Positive thoughts (and lists) can translate to positive results and outcomes.

  5. That’s amazing! I keep an aspiration journal where I write as if everything I want has already happened. I’m going to add a conjuring list of specific things I want too. Love the necklace, by the way. 🙂

    1. Very cool! I have a similar one, I call it my miracle book. Come to think of it, I should update it with this story!

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