TLS #160: Your Questions Answered – intuition resistance, budget, reentry & my next adventure


It’s time time again for… Questions + Answers… August edition!

We are covering a whole bunch of “bits and bobs” (my new favorite Britishism) today. There are lots of travel questions, intuition writing queries, more international dating stuff, and more. So let’s dive in, shall we?

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to tap into their intuition more (and might be facing some resistance), wants to learn how I’ve approached this open ended travel (phone bills, etc.), or wants to know what it’s been like to date people from different cultures while traveling.








  • What kind of cell phone plan do you have while traveling?

  • How are you bringing pleasure to your life while traveling without your usual comforts (candles and nice bedding etc) with being out of routine. And what have you found best and worst about traveling solo-ish?

  • What caused you to follow a strictly gluten and dairy free diet, and how have you navigated in your travels with these dietary restrictions?

  • Are you worried about reentry? How are you preparing for it? Or are you holding off on thinking about it?

  • Have you run into any entrepreneurs who are on similar adventures while bringing along a child and partner?

  • What microphone do you use?

  • Has this adventure ignited a travel bug in you? Are you already thinking about where you would like to go on an adventure next?

  • Have you been able to maintain your Personal Victory practice each morning or have you substituted it for something else?

  • What are your fears/limiting beliefs about living abroad permanently?

  • What do you do if you are too scared to do what your intuition tells you?

  • Do you have any suggestions for getting through the initial roadblock while journaling/writing to my intuition?

  • How do we deal with the ego trying to impersonate the intuition?

  • Have you found it difficult to date in Europe with the culture differences?
  •  Can you comment on how you traveled abroad with just a passport for the amount of time you did?  Did you apply for a visa? Or were there any other loop holes that you took advantage of that let you stay in Europe for longer than three months?

  • Have you ever taken a leap because you listened to your intuition and then regretted it or continued to second-guess yourself after making the decision?

  • How do you cope with decisions that you made and had good reasons for at the time, but now are stuck with and somewhat regret?
  • Are you into Hamilton at all? Also, do you know what your Myers-Briggs personality type is, and if so, do you put much stock in that system?

  • Is it too early to ask how this journey has already changed you?  Now that you have had this tremendous opportunity have you felt comfort in this type of travel and incorporated it into what you now enjoy and can see yourself doing?
  • My daughter and I are going to London in October and would love your top 3 suggestions for things to do!
  • How do you budget? Do you have a spending limit per day? How else have you incorporated exercise into your travel? Is it just natural since you are likely walking a lot? How have you kept in touch with close family & friends while traveling?

  • How is your away luggage holding up?






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  1. ijulee

    Dear Jess, few weeks ago, my adventure of being a professional vagabond started after my marriage ended and my cat died. It’s quite exciting actually but somedays, not easy. Though as an artist, it is AMAZING. I’d love to visit Portugal one day. FYI So EXCITED I’m about to visit Victoria, Canada for the first time. Listening to your podcast really helps me so much. Thank you. Sincerely, Julee (

  2. Kellye Mazzoli

    Hey Jess, you mentioned in your podcast that you had not quite figured out the international cell phone thing… Thought it might be helpful and worth mentioning that Google Project Fi has a great international plan. It requires a Google phone, I recommend the Nexus 6P, which has great battery life/ large screen/ quick charge/ lots of storage. The phone is around $400. The plan is $20/mo for text and talk then $10/GB of data/ month. You also only pay for the actual data that you use which means you might get $$$ back!! International data appears to be the same at $10/GB and then most countries are *free* for you to call the US from. Check it out Hope this helps!!

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