TLS Vlog #5: Austin


We are headed to Austin, TX in this week’s episode of the Lively TV Show!

I’m meeting up with photographer Shalyn Nelson to get new head shots taken and we’ll snap some photos in lovely locations around Austin.

While stopping for some shots at Rose Bud Isle dog park, I’ll explain my love for sparkle water and how it correlates with self-worth.

Finally, I’ll show you my favorite taco place in Texas (Tyson’s) and you’ll get to meet my younger brother Michael!



Show Notes


Shalyn Nelson
Josephine House
Red Bud Isle
Tyson’s Tacos

Camera I used to film this video: Canon G7X


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  1. I have always really loved “Sparkle Water” but never really gave it much meaning or even named it 🙂 But your idea was brilliant and I connected with it so much. Thanks for sharing that insight <3


  2. Jess, I LOVE your explanation of “Sparkle Water”. I grew up next to a river and have always loved being in the water. I will now look at water with an even deeper meaning than before. Thanks for sharing! I am loving your vlogs and your monthly favorites! 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Emily! It’s cool to hear you’ll be looking at sparkle water a bit differently, too. : )

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