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Hello, dear readers. We have new end of the week exfoliations to post but right now I have to run to a few meetings downtown for the upcoming launch of the newest Soc Chic necklace (I will give you a clue, the necklace name involves flowers and the cause has the initials C and F).

So come back a little later today to see the fresh crop of exfoliations including reader submissions!

Time to catch the bus…

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  1. Eva

    I can’t wait! I should be working…but I will keep on checking!

  2. Carolyn

    I had to comment! I just found your blog today and am obsessed! I love your posts and your jewelry is gorgeous :). Such a wonderful overall theme!!

  3. Jess

    @ Eva: I hope you like the submissions! Check them out and send me your’s next week my dear :). Have a great weekend.

    @ Carolyn: I am so happy you enjoy the site! Browse around and feel free to submit an exfoliation item for next week!

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