TLS #61 Mini: how to silence doubts when making big decisions


Today’s a big day for three reasons:

  1. Life With Intention Online registration is now open! You can learn more and sign up here.
  2. I’m headed to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City tomorrow to host a podcasting roundtable with Hilary Walker.
  3. I have a new Lively Show episode for you!

Today I’m answering a listener question about how to silence the doubts when making big decisions.

I’m sharing my three tips to help you gain confidence when making big decisions and handle those pesky “what ifs.”

Let’s go to the show!







  • What to do when you face doubts about making a big decision.
  • The mindset shift we need to make in order to make big decisions.
  • How to gain more confidence when facing uncertainty.
  • Three go-to exercises to help you overcome the doubts.




Life With Intention Online

Alt Summit

Hilary Walker’s podcast, Our Style Stories

How to write to your intuition






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PS – Thinking of joining Life With Intention Online?

“Life With Intention is simply powerful. 

It’s obvious that Life With Intention is grounded in plenty of research and real-life experience and it’s presented in a way that’s easy to relate to and even easier to apply in your life.

Jess managed to take an incredibly personal process and make it powerful and tailored to every student.

She clearly hit on something powerful here and I’m excited to continue on this journey.” 

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  1. Julia

    Wow. I think you were reading my mind…or my doubts! That is what my whole day has been filled with, even though my intention today is to give myself grace. Thank you for re-setting my day. Always awesome words of wisdom you share.

    1. Jess Lively

      I’m so glad this episode came when you needed it, Julia! That’s so great to hear. : )

      I hope you are continuing to give yourself grace today and over the weekend as well.

  2. Alex Lee

    I’ve heard such great things about your insights. looking forward to getting a chance to follow through on your advice both in person and online. ^_^ Thanks again

    1. Jess Lively

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a message, Alex! I hope you enjoy the show!

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