TLS #133: What to do if you don’t like your job with Barrett Brooks (


Today on The Lively Show I’m speaking with Barrett Brooks of and the Director of Growth & Marketing at

Like many of us, Barrett found himself unhappy at his job several months ago and thought that it may be time to make a career shift.

However, rather than follow the initial impulse to leave his current position, he took a series of steps first, that led to a totally new understanding of what was going on and what to do next.

As a result, he was able to experience immense joy and resolve some deep issues related to his work that would have simply followed him to his next position – and beyond – had he not looked inward.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is unhappy in their career right now, or anyone who wants to proactively learn about what to do when (or if) that time comes in the future.








  • Barrett tells us the story of his teenage years and the numerous troubles he had with the law, and how he eventually realized he need to live his life differently and more authentically.

  • He explains that it was his mentors in his fraternity and college organizations that helped him find the path to use his energies better in life.
  • Barrett describes that working for one of the world’s largest firms was not aligned with his vision for his life.
  • He tells us that a short term project for Seth Godin quickly gave him the knowledge and tools to close his first business and move on to a new venture, which later was Fizzle.
  • Barrett describe the hardship of  first being a decision maker to later working with others on a team  while fulfilling the vision and mission of someone else, and how that became one of his strongest assets as a leader at Fizzle.
  • He describes the struggles and disconnect he had with his team and how that pushed him to view the whole situation and himself from an objective standpoint.
  • Barrett reveals that after receiving advice from a close mentor, he saw the possibilities and re-opened the dialog with his team to discover their values and how he needed to live his life to be fulfilled.
  • He tells us how he has found fulfillment in himself at Fizzle even though the team share separate values.
  • Barrett reminds us that he is doing his best to adopt the values in a way that allows him to live his other values elsewhere.
  • He tells us to begin with our own values first, then find influences that work best for you.
  • Barrett tells us that we should develop a sense of self-awareness and live based on that.
  • He tells us that currently he is challenged by finding his priorities and pursuing those priorities.


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  1. This was such an earth shattering episode for me. I tend to pour myself into focusing on work. I know my mental, emotional, spiritual, physical health are so much better when I create balance, but it is so easy to fall into old ruts. The old corporate grind. Sometimes you have to be so intentional about being intentional. 🙂

      1. After thinking more about it, the thing I realized is that because I was so miserable at my last corporate job, I have placed my focus on creating work that satisfies my soul. The podcast pointed out that there’s more to life than work. I’ve known this and have tried to live this way, but I hadn’t really put it into words. As a result, my weekend was different, and better!, than it would have been otherwise.

  2. Olga

    Dear Jess,

    thank you so so so much for being you!

    I wanted to say “for all the work that you do” but then realized it’s not really about work – it’s about how you are being authentically you, and bravely sharing it with the world. I’m in awe of how openly you share about your life, and I’m so grateful to have discovered your podcast. Hearing you talk about intuition, and seeing you living it really moves something deep inside my being. The way you live your message transmits through your podcast – and totally moves me, and puts me into action mode. It’s been about a week since I’ve discovered your podcast and I can already sense the shift in myself, how I’m beginning to live more and more the life that’s truly aligned with who I am.

    Trying to get every minute that I can to listen to more and more episodes and discover more awesomeness. I think I started driving and going around the city more, just to get more time to listen to the podcast))

    THANK YOU so much everything that you share with the world, from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Thank YOU so much, Olga, for taking the time to share this lovely, kind, and heartfelt message! I truly appreciate it and it is wonderful to hear that you are feeling a shift within yourself to align with your intuition. Incredible!

      Shine on,

  3. Jacki

    Thank you so much for this episode. I’ve come to realize that it is time to change jobs after 9 years, but hearing Barrett talk about how he placed too much expectations on his job to meet all his values, I had an epiphany. As a child and teen, I always planned to grow up and focus on my career, never really planning on having a family or husband. But I did have a child and I do have a partner I live with. It created a life I didn’t plan on for the first 20+ years of my life, but I never really let go of that original identity I had created for myself. This episode helped me see that I need to remember my Values should be filled up from many baskets, not just from my career.

  4. Katie Evans

    Great episode, Jess and Barrett!! 🙂 I especially loved this question mentioned: “What’s the one thing you wish for me over next few months based on what you know about me, and based on that I know you care about me?” Super powerful.

  5. Kim

    I loved this, and so glad I finally had the chance to listen! So many pieces resonated, especially the discussion around different personality styles and hustling from different values. I have worked with a lot of colleagues with VASTLY different values, and it was so frustrating, stressful, and unfulfilling trying to emulate their values, failing miserably, and feeling inauthentic throughout. I have come to find that values and personality type are so important (analyzing my colleague’s too! ;), and my current career focus is on experimenting with roles and approaches that leverage my unique values and personality. I’m super ambitious and career driven but very far from that CEO personality type, so its interesting trying to find a fulfilling middle ground 😉

    I also happen to work in a different culture (the INGO/UN world in Africa) and you feel a marked difference. Spirituality, family, and community are very important here in Senegal and it shows in the workplace culture. My mom teases I won’t be able to readjust to working in the U.S./Europe… and she might be right! I’ve definitely grown accustomed to a healthy work/life balance 😉

    I would love to know which self-awareness/personality test Barrett took in college… love that stuff!

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