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During the Boston Life with Intention workshop we discussed a topic I’d like to share here as well: batching the crap.

During our discussions, one workshopper shared her propensity to put off important tasks and instead spend hours on blogs, or other fun pursuits.

She specifically mentioned spending an hour on Pinterest instead of getting the bills paid or getting the home finances in order.

At first glance, the solution seemed to be about limiting the free time (Pinterest) in order to get the necessary work done.

But really, the opposite is true. 

Rather than run our lives around our ‘shoulds’ and limit our free time and joyful pursuits, we can “batch the crap” instead. 

Putting tight deadlines on our “have to” items and limiting the amount of time we have to accomplish those tasks, we intentionally create guilt-free fun time.

For this workshopper in particular, that meant batching all the weekly “have to” items on Monday afternoons and devoting the rest of her free time outside her day job be to whatever fun pastimes she pleased.

Let’s stop trying to limit the amount of fun we have. We can limit the “crap” instead.


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  1. Sunray

    Ha! I’m in the same boat! And I was just trying to figure this out on the drive to work this morning. Thanks Jess. You figured it all out for me! 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      My pleasure! I’m glad it was helpful.

  2. Love this idea! I’m such a procrastinator and I definitely do the same thing with certain “shoulds” like errands and snooze worthy tasks. I’m definitely going to flip the batching idea around. Less guilt is a great, great thing!

  3. whytotry

    I love that you think “differently” or with another perspective! Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. unsolicitedadvice

    I like this approach! I am an unusual girl in that I hate talking on the phone. I tell myself when I call someone that I know is prone to chat that I have 15 minutes to get all of the business done and then I tell them that “the dog has to go out now” or “I have to start dinner now” so I have an out. It makes hitting “call” a lot easier!

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s a great idea, thanks for sharing!

  5. Great Idea! Your posts inspired me to start batching everything in my life to make me more productive.

    What’s working for me personally, is doing everything I don’t want to do first thing in the morning and first thing in the week (Mondays). That way I get it out of the way and can’t stress about no doing it. Also doing it first thing in the morning, has been a huge help as I’m pretty out of it and I don’t have the time to think about how much I hate it.

    1. Jess Lively

      Great point! I’m glad ‘batching the crap’ has been working for you, too!

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