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BeatingTheMondaysToday I woke up with a case of “the Mondays.”

I had a hard time waking up early for the private victory, checked email and found not-so-great news, realized I have way more work to do than I thought, and couldn’t get any good lighting for a post I wanted to share today.

Though none of these things was terrible by any stretch of the imagination, I kinda wished I could just go back to bed and call it a day.

Of course, I didn’t go back to bed. Instead, I thought about skipping today on the blog.

“No one will notice if I don’t write today,” my ego rationalized.

But that wasn’t true. I would notice. I would know that I threw in the towel, rather than showed up today just because I wasn’t in a “great mood.”

So instead, I took a page from The Slight Edge.

The book’s entire premise can be summed up like this: The difference between successful people (in whatever context you define success) and unsuccessful people is the ability to follow through on simple actions, which over time lead to exponentially positive results.

Here’s what it looks like visually.


Simple premise, simple actions, powerful results.

Because the positive actions are easy to do, they are also easy not to do. And today, those “easy” actions, like doing the PV and writing on the blog, felt hard. That’s why my ego wanted me to skip blogging and do as little as possible today.

“It’s not a big deal… It doesn’t really matter… Just keep thinking about yourself and take it easy the rest of the day, you deserve it… It’s Monday.

Though it was tempting to just give into the easy day that my ego presented, I decided to dedicate my day to helping you instead. I decided that the least I could do is help anyone else out there who might be battling the same “Monday” feeling.

So even though I had “the Mondays,” I got up and did the private victory. I decided to face the not-so-great news with a more optimistic outlook, and I decided to write this post to help anyone else who might be feeling the urge to make any “easy not to do” choices.

Was it uncomfortable to choose to face the day in a positive way, even though I didn’t feel like it? For sure.

But you know what? Just writing this post, to hopefully help you, has helped me feel better already.

If you happen to a case of “the Mondays,” too, I hope you go out there and pay this slight edge action forward! 


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  1. Emily

    Beautiful message, Jess. You certainly improved my Monday already. Thanks for being brave, optimistic, and hard working. You’re awesome!

    1. That’s great to hear! I hope you are able to spread the “Monday” love to people in your day, too!!

    1. Amen! I hope you are able to bring some slight edge action into your day to improve it and those around you. : )

  2. Merissa

    I needed to hear this today (and yesterday, and tomorrow). Thank you.

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! Maybe you could print out part of it and put it somewhere you could see each day? Or try reading The Slight Edge, it’s great!

  3. I LOVE this book and premise! It has changed my life and pulled me through an MBA program. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I’m happy to hear you love it, too! I am still only about 50% through it, but I love it and am using the concept all the time now.

    1. Hang in there! Sometimes being gentle on yourself is a good thing and a break is needed.

      It’s just good to be careful and figure out when it’s good, and when it’s caving into something that might not be good or nessesary, like in the Slight Edge case.

  4. Your Monday morning sounded just like mine…thanks for sharing how you overcame it. I’ll definitely keep The Slight Edge in mind from now on.

    1. That’s great to hear! I hope you check out the book sometime, it’s a great one to read because it applies to everything we do.

  5. Lisa

    Thanks for this post – I’m hearing you. I had a weekend where the lawn mower wouldn’t work, I misplace keys (since found) and then the washing machine wouldn’t work… I yelled outloud to the universe and then took 5. Breathe. I then started tiling the kitchen splashback and was one happy girl! Lisa xo

  6. I really needed to read this today. Sometimes it’s hard to push through those “Mondays”, but after I do the thing I didn’t want to, I always feel better. Great reminder!

  7. Rachel

    Thanks for this post Jess. It is SO easy to choose not to do something but it absolutely makes sense that choosing not to frequently adds up, leading you to sabotage your own success. I’m going to remember this every time I find myself taking the easy road – thank you xx

    1. Exactly. Even when we say “no one will know” or “it doesn’t really matter” there is a part of us that does know and loses a bit of integrity if it’s not done from a place of peace and intuition and just an egoic short cut.

  8. Love subway tile! Awesome. I’m sure that feels awesome to see come together by your own hands. : )

  9. Katie

    So true. Most of the tips I’ve been giving my clients and readers are uber simple and easy. However, I have to constantly remind them that although they seem easy the big difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that the successful people actually do those simple tips.

    1. Exactly. It’s easy to let things slide, but integrity and character-ethic are essential for long-term growth.

  10. Casey

    I just got over a weeklong case of the Mondays. It’s a frequent problem I have, but I’m going to check out the morning club and see if that helps 🙂

    1. I hope it does! The group has quieted down since it first launched, but there is a ton of info and recommended links/resources to check out for sure!

      And of course, I’d suggest reading The Seven Habits and The Slight Edge as two of your first books to read during the PV, if you decide to do any reading. They can be game-changers. : )

  11. stef

    I follow Rob Dyrdek on Instagram. I know that seems odd, but I admire his positivity and relentless enthusiasm for everything he does. The same day you posted this, he posted, “consistency is a key to success.” After hearing two similar messages twice in one day, I’m taking it to heart.

    1. That’s great to hear! So true. If you want more of that message, check out The Slight Edge.

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