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A few weeks ago I had a great conversation with Brittany, the editor behind BeautyGirlMag. As we spoke about designing lives with intention, we realized how much of our time is spent on making our appearances more appealing. What if we approached improving our souls in the same way as we do our manis and pedis? What actions that we take in our daily lives lead to a more beautiful way of being? Below Brittany explores this topic in greater detail.


Brittany’s Beauty Tips for the Soul

Beauty surrounds a woman’s life in everything that she does. It is who she is. We were made to be beautiful from our hair, bodies, and feminine persona. I have come to the realization that it’s natural to want to look beautiful. But finding a balance is essential, and at times, this can be difficult.

I can’t count how many hours I have spent at the salon getting my hair high-lighted (of course, trying to achieve a “natural” look); going shopping to find the perfect outfit to fit my ever-changing style or simply looking in the mirror and applying makeup every day.

I’m always pulling, tugging, or fixing my outer appearance. At times, it’s exhausting.

There are multiple beauty resources available at our finger tips that assist us in finding the right outfit or achieving Jennifer Anniston’s killer body. But there seems to be a gaping hole in many of our lives and especially in our culture. And that is a lack of focus on inner beauty.

As the editor of, I have met and continue to meet women who want to redefine beauty in their lives. These women want to accept who they are, change what they can, and be women of substance – more than what meets the eye.

So instead of a typical beauty blog where I offer you tips to look better, let’s rather think of beauty tips for our soul.

Think of all the ways that you make yourself beautiful on the outside and the amount of time each one takes. Imagine using that time to beautify your inner self. Taking the time to work on our inner self will translate to the outside.

Below are a few beauty tips for the soul:

Daily: Applying lipstick (5 seconds) = Speak a positive word to yourself or someone else

It only take 5 seconds to apply lipstick; now, let’s apply some positivity to our lives. As you’re looking in the mirror, say something positive about yourself to yourself ( I am beautiful. I have a giving heart. I am a loyal friend). Now, this sounds a little narcissistic but imagine the confidence that you’ll carry once you really start believing in those things.

Having confidence in ourselves is key to having healthy relationships.

Say something positive to a friend. Just a few words of encouragement, a thank you, or a compliment only takes 5 seconds, and it can make a difference in someone’s life.

A positive mindset can change the outcome of many situations and also make you enjoyable company:)

Daily: Picking out an outfit (20 min) = Meditate

Now in a perfect world, I would suggest meditating for more than 20 min, but with all the many activities that fill up our schedule, sometimes it just isn’t realistic. However, it is necessary that every day, we give ourselves time to be alone- free from distraction and escape from the worries of our day. Sometimes it only take a few minutes to feel energized and inspired.

Now, when you hear the word meditation you may think of Buddha, but I simply suggest getting alone with yourself to hear own thoughts.

Taking a little time each day to be alone will give you a chance to possibly rethink a decision you have to make or a cool down from a heated argument.

Hair Salon (2 hours) = Spend time with a close friend

There’s nothing like a good conversation with a close friend. Often times, when I finally take the time to reconnect with a friend over lunch, I leave feeling like a better person, sometimes relieved and mostly happy.

Talking to a close friend about our lives, what we are doing and what we are going through can lift a heavy burden. I also love getting updated on what my friends are doing and how they’ve been inspired. Usually this inspires me as well.

A great piece of advice given to me – Be friends with people you want to be like.

Manicure (45 min) = Enjoy Nature

I often go for a jog outside, and to be honest, I’m in the least bit enjoying nature. Instead, I am constantly checking the time because I’m exhausted! However, those times after my jog where I’ve sat at the park and stared into the lake have been times that I cannot explain with words.

Nature inspires you and reminds you that you’re only a small part in this big picture called life. There’s something energizing about nature with its peacefulness, serenity and beauty.

Take nothing but a good book or pen and notebook.

Shopping (all day) = Serve Others

I don’t know about you, but I have spent a whole day of shopping only to spend another day taking those items back. Think of the time spent shopping and imagine spending a day serving your community.

One of my friends volunteers once a month at a homeless shelter for women. She spends the entire night there, talking with the women, and assisting in ways that she can. There are many opportunities in your community to serve. Form a group who are passionate about it as well and do it together.

Serving others helps you see how fortunate you truly are and puts your life into perspective. It also allows you to give to those who are in need and help them to a path of success.  There is nothing more beautiful than a woman with a humble heart.

There’s more to life than “who’s wearing what,” and I’m sure you know that. Now, does this mean that you must sacrifice your outer beauty for your inner beauty? No, but finding a balance between the two is key.

My beauty tips for the soul are probably not new to you. But too often, the things we know to do, we don’t.

Don’t neglect your soul another day but rather practice one of these tips this week for a “prettier” you.

What are your own personal tips for the soul?

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  1. Cathy

    This is a great post! It reminds me of the “Time Tested Beauty Tips” poem by Sam Levenson that starts out with, “For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people…”

  2. Annie

    I love this post, definitely saving it to put into practice. These are the types of posts I love about Makeunder Your Life, by the way. So inspirational AND practical!

  3. Merissa

    I love this idea!! Especially the meditate/spend time alone. Time by myself is a necessity for me to de-stress and restore my energy, but to fill this I often spend an entire evening relaxing by myself, watching tv, surfing the internet and doing other meaningless tasks. An entire evening is a lot of time for a busy woman! Maybe if I spent just 20 minutes without distractions and allowed myself to truly be with myself and peaceful, it would have the same effect as an evening of distracted “relaxation”. Thank you so much for this post!

  4. Brittany

    Merissa, you make a great point! Many times what we call relaxation is in front of the tv or computer. How can our minds truly rest and find peace if there’s never a time of quietness?

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