before and after: medicine cabinet

Part of my quest to live with intention includes living in a beautiful space. This is not a terribly difficult feat for me considering I share a 353 square foot studio with my boyfriend. Less space = less to make beautiful. One of the best and most recent improvements has been my fresh flower revelation. But this weekend I got antsy. I needed a new project and my web wandering led me to the most miraculous medicine cabinet I have ever seen.

Inspiration Medicine Cabinet photo found at Apartment Therapy

Resting my eyes on this image inspired me to take action. Below is what I have looked at every morning and evening. For 547 days.

Hers and his medicine cabinets. Gross.

So I headed over to Target this weekend and bought a $10 roll of contact paper. I was a bit disappointed by their selection (polka dots weren’t at the top of my list), but I settled upon a natural cork contact paper that resisted mold and mildew (read: bathroom friendly).

Complicated tools for Project Medicine Cabinet

Once home, I measured the cabinets and cut the contact paper to size. It took about 20 minutes for the whole project (most of the time was spent cleaning the glass shelves).

1. Empty Shelves 2. Cork lined shelves

Painfully beautiful medicine cabinets

Now that the project is complete, I cannot believe I put up with that ugly sight for so long without taking action. Next up: disguising the bathroom’s “Jamaica.” Don’t ask. Once the situation is under control the story will be told.

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  1. ms. less is always more

    I just love a good before and after – this looks great! I could use some of that cork paper to line some drawers around here… hmmm. Have a great day!

  2. Rachel

    This looks wonderful! And it’s got me thinking about my sad medicine cabinet.

  3. Jess Constable

    @ Miss Less: Lining drawers with the cork is a great idea! I was hoping to line some kitchen drawers with it myself, but I ran out after the bathroom project.

    @ Rachel: Go for it! You will not regret making your medicine cabinet pretty. I smile every time I open it: first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

  4. Jackie

    I totally agree that part of living with intention includes living in a beautiful space. As part of my quest to simplify this year, I have found myself really focused on completing all the little household decorating projects I have been wanting to do since we moved here four years ago. My hubby thinks it makes no sense that in wanting to simplify, I am bringing more things into the house (pillows, curtains, art, etc.). Now I can show him this post and say “See-I’m not the only one!”

  5. Kate

    that’s nice! i think i should use this idea to change my bathroom. thanks for your sharing

  6. Jess Constable

    @Jackie: I totally understand about the hubby thing, Erwin, my boyfriend doesn’t get it either. But as long as I do the work and pay for the material he seems to just shrug it off. Also, see my post right after this one about the terms “simple and sensio” – this is totally a great way to explain it to your man.

    @Kate: I totally agree and support the decision! I know you will love it. I cannot imagine it the way it used to be.

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