behind the scenes: Jess LC logo and identity

As promised, this week I’m going to share the process I took to make the new Jess LC become a reality. The first thing I did was create a new logo that captured what Jess LC was about. Though I had a slew of other changes I wanted to make, I needed to get this piece in place first. It became the compass for all other decisions ranging from the website layout to packaging style.

I wanted something fresh, clean, and modern that also could double as a mark or image for future items or special logo tags. I decided to start my graphic designer search with my muse, AprhoChic. After speaking to (the amazing) Jeanine, she put me in contact with her logo designer, Abbie, who was super sweet, but was unable to take on another project, since she just became a new mom. Instead, Abbie referred me to her friend, Herdah Sukandi.

Herdah and I hit it off right away. She had me fill out a form explaining my style and what I was looking for. After just a few weeks, she created the most professional identity package ever. She thought about everything I shared and exceeded my expectations.

The logo she came up with was perfect from the moment I saw it. We didn’t edit it one bit. Before I saw the logo, I had no idea how she would manage to use my three initials (JLC) and create something that didn’t look like an engraved monogram. But she managed to nail it – the logo makes the most perfect mark.

Herdah also presented a whole identity package in addition to the logo. Above is the business card template she made. In my initial survey for her, I mentioned I might one day want to branch out into handbags or home goods (ahem…). So she turned my logo into it’s own pattern(!!!) for use in future products.

I just about died.

Then, she outdid herself. She came up with the perfect packaging for our online orders. These pillow boxes are ideal for our bubble mailers because they can be shipped flat and puffed open upon delivery. (We went for white instead of the silver).

And she still didn’t stop there, she also gave us lots of ideas for stationary and even the website. It was a dream to work with Herdah and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

To reach Herdah, please email:

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  1. KathrynwithaY

    I love how your logo incorporated your initials in such a cute pattern. The logo would look really good on a tote bag or a pillow…are you planning on branching out eventually?

  2. You’re so right to be happy. The logo is perfect and has a timeless quality to it. Fabulous!!

  3. Such an amazing look for you Jess! I can totally see it being used for a very long time and just morphing into such fun things!

  4. Jill

    Genius! I love it all and can see why you did as well – but to hit it on the first try, that’s just amazing! And, handbags & home goods? Can’t wait to catch up!!

  5. Katie

    so good! herdah seems like a fantastic designer to work with! love the pattern too… 🙂

  6. The design of your packaging is fantastic! You are such an inspiration to young entrepreneurs.

  7. Fantastic designs! How exciting that you have bigger things up your sleeve. You make me want to quit my day job and become a designer. I just need an art! Ha!

  8. Jenn

    Brilliant! I love the repetition of the original logo! It’s beautiful!

  9. Totally drooling over here! I love the branding and it feels just like you! Everything is so cute!

    Question: Will you still have any of the beaded necklaces and earrings? Kicking myself for not ordering some before but we’ve been on a spending freeze.

  10. Kelley

    As I said before, this logo is fantastic. The way she incorporated it into a repeating pattern is simply brilliant. Hats off to Herdah!

  11. Freck

    I love your new logo!! She really did do a fantastic job. It seems to be a perfect fit!

    And did I see that some Division pieces are on sale?! I think I see a new bangle in the near future 🙂

  12. Wow! I love to hear stories about positive experiences working with designers. Too often we are only mentioned when things go bad. That pattern is perfect! Everything is perfect!

  13. Jenny

    LOVE the new logo/look/everything – so chic, fun, modern and lovely. You’ve got a lot to be proud of! I’m keeping my eye on some of the new pieces! You are so inspiring and it’s so great how you have shared this journey with us. Thank you!

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