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Today’s Behind the Scenes is about the two awesome people behind our adorable Jess LC video that pairs with The Best Day Ever Lookbook (Behind the Scenes Lookbook post here).

The awesome videographer is Erica Griffiths. She and I first met on the WCIU shoot about MML back in January. We hit it off back then, and she agreed to take on this project. I’m so glad she did. She totally understood how to showcase the jewelry without sacrificing the overall feel of the video.

And the amazing music which pairs so perfectly with the visuals is done by the talented Catiah Mars Li. Her site is still being launched (soon to be, but you can reach her at

And of course, I can’t forget to mention that the adorable model is Tieka of Selective Potential. And the puppy is a malti-poo : ).

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  1. Erica did a magnificent job on this! I kept thinking “cute jewelry” without feeling I was being TOLD to think “cute jewelry”. You know?

    And that puppy IS pretty doggone cute.

  2. Diana Draw

    Awesome music! It does seem perfect for the shoot.

  3. Diana Draw

    OT, but did you know that UO has a chevron swimsuit? It’s called the Undrest Zig Zag Swimsuit. Although it is a little pricey, when I saw the chevron pattern, I thought of this blog, lol.

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