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For today’s What I’m Learning Wednesday, I want to share a peek behind the Business with Intention Workshop At Home. Taking the live workshops and turning them into an online and physical hybrid workshop experience that you see above was a big undertaking.

In fact, it took a whole team to make it happen.

So here’s what went on behind the scenes – and the talented people who made it all possible.

First, I want to thank the guys at Polymyth that made the three hours of video content possible.


Franklin and I had many meetings with these guys, particularly Dan and Derek.

Dan (holding Olive, Franklin’s girlfriend) has watched these videos so many times in post-production that I think he might have them memorized. And Derek (in the gray shirt) was incredible at directing on set and getting the voice overs and sound just right in post-production.

I seriously can’t thank these guys enough. I’m still in awe at how professional the videos are (you can see some sample content here).

Next, it’s time to thank the ladies that made the videos so pretty!

BehindTheScenesPrettyErin did our makeup, Liz of Sequins and Stripes styled my wardrobe (a dream come true!).

Meanwhile, Caitlin of Caitlin Creative ran the show – she took these behind the scenes photos, made sure I was wearing the right outfit at the right time, and everyone was where they needed to be.

Though the video makes it look clean and streamlined, the set was filled with lights, cameras, and boom mics.


The intros to each video were taped in my apartment. But you would never suspect that this is what was going on over at the dining table.


And last but not least, we can’t forget the ladies who helped beautify the workbook and workshop tote bag.


Jackie of Sincerely, Jackie designed the beautiful workbook and Jen Serafini illustrated this amazing Just Keep Going tote.

When it comes to what I’ve learned from this experience, here are my top five takeaways:

1. It will take longer than you expect. So double (or triple) your expected turnaround time.
2. Your team is everything. Pick the people you love working with.

3. Get people to help you cull through the raw video, it can take a long time to find all the items that need editing. So the more eyes, the better!

4. Find a way to make your offering unique.

5. Appreciate your hard work. It is not easy to launch something like this, so don’t take it for granted once it is all finished!


May something wonderful happen to you today,



Thinking about ordering the Workshop At Home

As a brand new business owner, I’m currently working to gather all of the resources I can to make this leap of faith a smart one. Having been a follower of Jess’s for quite some time now, I’ve come to really value her voice. 

So when I caught wind of her Workshop at Home series, it was a no-brainer. Now that I’m knee-deep in the videos and working my way steadily through the workbook, I can safely say that I feel on track, like I’m exactly where I need to be – and that’s saying something compared to where I was three months ago!

Her presentation is flawless and the additional insights offered by her guests brought the workshop full circle. I’m learning from the best of the best, and the tips and tricks that I now have in my back pocket are truly invaluable as I continue down the entrepreneurial path. Jess has given me the confidence to never look back.

Carrie Waller, Dream Green DIY  (You can see Carrie’s full review here.)



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Photo one and ten taken by Jen of Lemon Drop Love

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  1. I love the “behind the scenes view” – thanks, Jess! And oh my gosh … if there’s ever a lesson from production of any size it is “It will take longer than you expect. So double (or triple) your expected turnaround time.”!

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Erin! I agree, it really does take soo much longer than we often think it will!

  2. heyjohnsexton

    Thanks for the Polymyth shout-out, Jess! We were thrilled to be involved and I think the final product is wonderful.

    Keep up the great work!

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