behind the scenes: “the best day ever” lookbook

To continue my ‘behind the scenes’ series about the re-launch of Jess LC I’m excited to feature the best part of the whole process: shooting the lookbook. What a fun day after months of planning. To help with the process I had a little dream team.

Photo Shoot Theme: The Best Day Ever

As you are well aware by now, I decided to choose the scenes for the lookbook based on what I considered one of the best days in Chicago I could imagine. It started with waking up in the morning, lounging around the apartment, eating cupcakes and drinking champagne at Molly’s Cupcakes, playing with puppies, wandering the streets with a big bunch of yellow balloons, and having a foamy latte at Noble Tree.

Of course I also wanted to include some of my favorite dresses and pillows, so I called upon ModCloth and AphroChic to help with the styling. They were so great to work with. And I can’t mention the lookbook without thanking Megan, our wonderful stylist intern. She was totally on top of securing the clothes for the shoot, creating the looks, and making my life oh-SO-much easier. Not having to think about the shoes, hair, makeup, and scarves saved me a lot of time and headaches.

Obviously the other key element of the lookbook was photography. I was fortunate to find out about Jon Hamblin a few months before the shoot. After seeing his work, I was sure that he’d be able to nail the indie-polish I was looking for. Jon was so easy to work with, upbeat, and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone else needing photos in Chicago.

(Erica, our videographer, is still completing the video, so more on her later.)

And last but not least, the new face for Jess LC, Tieka of Selective Potential. I think she’s the perfect fit for two reasons: she’s freaking adorable and because she also has such an inspiring and relatable story. I wasn’t looking to have a glossy high-style photoshoot with a glamazon, I wanted to show someone just like you and me, living her life with intention, having a great time in Chicago. And Tieka captures that beautifully.

Overall, I’m so happy with how everything came together. It was a long time in planning, but the product is well worth the effort. To see the full lookbook click here.

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  1. You killed it with this shoot/lookbook. I wouldn’t change a single thing…especially love the scrabble tiles!

  2. Looks like a fun day to see it all come together, + what an awesome team. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sam

    Someone above said you killed it – I totally agree. Everything is fantastic. Great job.

  4. I love this! Now I want cupcakes and champagne for breakfast! And I’d also like to walk around with a big bunch of balloons for no reason. Just imagine all the stares and smiles on the street!

  5. You ALL did a great job. I’ve been totally impressed by the photography on the new Jess LC site. And you’re right, the model is absolutely perfect. Pretty, but still approachable.

  6. Aire

    Hi Jess!
    Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes details! I’m so happy that were able to be a part of this! Best of luck!

    Aire @ModCloth

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