TLS #146: A Lively Adventure – Why I Sold My House & Furniture (and Now Live Out of a Carry-On)


Welcome to Season 3 of The Lively Show!

Today I am SO pumped to share a big change in my own life that unfolded the week before I left for Europe and the process I applied to making that decision.

In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing what it means to “put out a fleece” in order to make a huge life change. — I’ll be sharing where this idea comes from, how I used it in my own decision, and how you can apply this to your own life choices as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to hear about an exciting new development in my life (which felt scary when it first happened) and for anyone looking to learn about a new way to make big decisions with faith and as much clarity as possible.

  • Also, because of this new and unexpected chapter of my life unfolding in real time, I’m going to be sharing the life experiences, perspectives, and lessons I’m learning as I follow this new path on solo shows each Thursday this summer during this “Lively Adventure.” Traditional Thursday interviews will resume later this summer/fall when I am back in the States.









  • How I made this decision to sell my house and furnishings.
  • Find out the forces in my life that told me why I needed to do this.
  • How talking and writing to my intuition helped me decide.
  • How my neighbor’s advice proved the “test” that I needed to complete this life task.
  • How I’m loving the idea of flow in my life.



TLS Vlog #10: I Have A BIG Announcement!

Story of Gideon from the Bible: Judges Ch 6:36-40








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  1. Inma

    Wow! That’s huge news! This is so inspiring to me in this moment in my life when all my being is asking me for a change, but I have no idea what the long term plan is. I just know I need to do two things and hopefully I will figure it out afterwards but there is an element of risk involved and it is scary so I am going to listen to this episode with all my attention. My heart and jumping up and down with joy for you. Hope you’re enjoying your summer of travelling!

    Inma x

  2. Kit Yoon

    Congratulations, Jess! That’s a big decision, but you did it with such confidence. Life will unfold right in front of your eyes! It’s like my favorite Rilke’s quote: “…live your question now, and someday, you will be living your answer…” Something like that! Sending love, Kit

  3. Jeremy

    Congrats on amping up your adventure! Really enjoyed learning about the practice of “Putting out the Fleece” and how it supported your faith/intuition. Look forward to hearing more examples of how you apply it on your journey:)

  4. Letty

    Jess, you are such an inspiration. Your kindness illuminates you– kindness not only to us, but kindness to yourself. I am so excited for this new phase of your life! Thank you of sharing it with us, and I I hope to be as bold as you one day. xo

  5. I was literally sobbing with joy as you explained how every single step unfolded for you to make this a reality. That the buyer ‘appeared’ just as you were leaving on this great adventure and that everything that needed to happen for you did is just such a positive sign that you are meant to be where you are at this precise moment for so much more to come into your life. As you explained everything I could visualize all the pieces of your life moving in such a way for you to accomplish what needs to be. This just made my day. =) Looking forward to seeing where Ms. Jess C. Lively goes next (in life and in travel)! — Sending much love!

  6. Wow Wow Wow! Jess! I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing your story with us all as you’re going. It’s really “en-couraging” in the truest sense of the word. You go girl 🙂 <3

  7. ATX Counseling

    Something wonderful happened to you today!

  8. Good on you! I can relate to packing up your life and heading off on an adventure. I packed everything into 10 boxes in May, put them into a storage unit in New Zealand and set off on an open ended adventure in Latin America with my business in my backpack.

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