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I know this is going up a bit later than usual. This morning I was at an early meeting in Bucktown (aka: the other side of the world Chicago). And given the awesome party last night for the Super Bowl, I’m a bit tired and playing catch up.

On Friday, I met up with Crystal of Plush Palate. We’ve been blog friends for about a year, but finally met up for the first time. “Just a glass of wine” turned into a four hour conversation. It was awesome to share life stories and blog experiences.

And a few weeks ago I was also lucky enough to meet Jill from The Good Life For Less at Molly’s Cupcakes as well. So if you are ever in Chicago, let me know and we can try to arrange a meet-up!

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  1. Simone

    That’s such a cute photo! I love the pops of color in both of your outfits!!

  2. Jill

    FUN! I can’t believe we didn’t snap a quick picture when we met. Next time I’m in Chicago I’ll be sure to check in with you again!

  3. I just must make it to Chicago one day. Or maybe one day you will end up in Orlando. Blog friends are fun.

  4. Rebecca

    What a great photo and yay! for meeting up with a fellow blogging friend. Next time i am in Chicago, i’m totally catching up with you!

  5. Helena

    Ok, so I know I’m way back in the archives, but do you still arrange blogger meetups in Chicago?

  6. Jess LC

    Hi Helena,

    Thank you for your comment! I don’t personally arrange blogger meet-ups in Chicago, but have been invited into organizing them by other people. If I find out about any new open to everyone Chicago meet-ups, I’ll be sure to mention it on MML or Twitter. So stay posted there for anything that I might hear about :).

    Have a great day,

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