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A few weeks ago I wrote about how working from home has led to a almost constant desire to eat out.

And though there were many amazing suggestions proposed to help me find eating at home more appealing, the winning response goes to Cass Comerford for suggesting Blue Apron.

At first, I thought Cass was suggesting we get a cookbook, which I promptly dismissed. But a random hunch had me google to find out if it was indeed a cookbook or something else more enticing.

It turned out to be a meal service that sends ingredients and directions for three meals a week to your door. Kinda like PeaPod (a grocery delivery service), for those that live in the city, but with only the items needed in the exact proportions for your weekly meals, designed by a chef.

That proposition sounded way more fun than a regular cookbook.

Then, Ann Marie chimed in and linked to a Blue Apron Gilt City deal which gave the first week of meals for just $35. A steal at $6 per meal.

When I showed the site to Mr. Lively, our resident cook, and he got excited as well.

We got the Gilt deal and since then have been cooking Blue Apron dinners for the past three weeks.

It’s been amazing. It’s kinda like eating out (my favorite), only you eat in and you have the Blue Apron chef select the menu.

Since Mr. Lively enjoys cooking, he’s loving this method because it takes a lot of the hassle we don’t enjoy (picking the recipes and grocery shopping for a specific special/rare ingredients each week) and leaves him to do what he likes: cooking.

And I have to say, our meals were generally uninspired before. They did not make me excited to eat at home.

But now Mr. Lively’s cooking has hit a whole new level with the prep work done by Blue Apron. I actually look forward to what we are having for dinner.

In fact, here’s what we’ve been eating lately…


Steak Fajitas with Guacamole


Oregano Chicken Thighs with Squash Ribbons and Quinoa


Turkey Burger Sliders with Arugula Salad


Chickpea and Cucumber Salad


Cod with Caponata and Fergola Sarda


Blood Orange Roasted Salmon


They also have a vegetarian meal service and you can get either the meat or veggie meals in quantities for two people per meal or four people per meal.

Each week we receive our box of ingredients packed in ice to preserve freshness and the meals are substantial enough that I often have leftovers for the next day.

Inside the box we also find our “menu” and cooking instructions.



Mr. Lively has really liked they photo and text instructions. It is almost like taking cooking lessons at home.

We are saving these cards in a folder to one day turn into our own pre-tested and approved cookbook. I find that I’m way more likely to actually return to an older Blue Apron recipe that I tried and loved than look through cookbooks for new ideas. (As you can tell, I’m still far from being a chef or cook myself.)

As for the cost? It’s $60 per week or about $10 per meal. Though this may be more than we could spend if we went grocery shopping for different meals each week, it is much less than going out every night – which was my previous desire.

Grocery shopping has become insanely simple, too. We just make sure we grab what we need for breakfasts and lunches each week. The main headache (What are we making for dinner? What do we need to buy?) is removed.

Though we may not stay on the service for years to come, we are certainly excited right now to enjoy the convenience and personal cookbook we are building.

In summary, those who are more frugal, have dietary restrictions, or love selecting recipes, may not enjoy Blue Apron.

But those, like Mr. Lively and I, who don’t have much time or interest in picking the meals but like to cook, may love the service.

To me, it brings a who new excitement to the phrase, “So what’s for dinner?”


This post is not sponsored by Blue Apron in any way. I just want to share my intentional eat-at-home journey with you.


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  1. Kim R

    This makes me long to live in the U.S. so badly! I am exactly the same way… I don’t mind cooking and like a homemade meal, but the hassle of deciding on a recipe and hunting down ingredients leads me to either eat out or stick to a tried and true pasta dish. Unfortunately, I have a feeling blueapron won’t be expanding to Africa any time soon 😉

    1. Jess Lively

      Aw, that’s too bad! Maybe you could start up a service in Africa… or convince a friend who likes to prepare meals like that. : )

  2. I wish I had heard of this when I lived alone in my NY apartment. I may have to try out a week for my husband and I. This takes out all of the stress & guess work.

    1. Jess Lively

      I definitely suggest trying it out!

  3. Jess Foley

    We did Blue Apron recently – it was great to have all those ingredients delivered to your door and to make new, different recipes!

    1. Jess Lively

      Awesome! What was your favorite recipe?

  4. Meg

    Good for you! AND you know EXACTLY what ingredients are in your food – no hidden preservatives or weird ingredients that you might get at a restaurant. Score!

  5. Daliene

    I wish SOOO badly they had this in San Antonio. We have some awesome grocery delivery services but they are often full of things I truly don’t use or at least can’t stomach to eat the amount that comes. COOL idea. 🙂

    1. Jess Lively

      Bummer! Maybe you can “lobby” Blue Apron to come to SA!

  6. Jess Lively

    Aw, it is! Thank you so much, hun!!

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