branding with color

I know, I know. I just changed the color of MML in September to pink (I had a pretty sizable girly moment) and now I’m switching it again-  this time to coral. Originally, back in January of 2009, I chose coral for the MML logo and Jess LC was a celery green. Then this April I changed Jess LC to coral and switched up MML’s colors with the seasons. My first inclination was to keep the accent colors on Jess LC and MML different so they looked separate as both sites were pretty unrelated.

However, I now realize that I am a common thread between the jewelry business and the blog. And therefore, as a designer and writer, I should be the common link between the two platforms. Using the coral across both sites creates a subtle connection. Though the logo styles still remain independent of each other, the overall look of both logos is clean, uncluttered, and coral. I’m hoping this color bridge will also create better cohesion for customers clicking over to MML and for MML readers clicking onto the jewelry site. Though both destinations are unique, there is a thread tying the whole experience together. If you notice, Martha Stewart does the same thing with the robin’s egg blue color across most of her brands as well.

And hey, if it’s good enough for Martha, it’s good enough for me.

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  1. Jill

    That is definitely something to think about for myself… especially since Martha does it! 😉 And now we can say YOU do it too!

  2. I love your colors…they are pastels with guts, nothing wishy washy about them, soft but having warmth. Nicely chosen. 🙂

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