TLS #87: How to Change Negative Thought Patterns & Understand the Ego with Brooke Castillo (The Life Coach School Podcast)


To kick off TLS Mindfulness Month, today we are diving deep into “the ego” and changing negative thought patterns. 

An oh-so-empowering practice to improve every aspect of our lives.

To explain how to change negative “ego attacks” step-by-step, we’re talking with life coach Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School and The Life Coach School podcast. Brooke is a weight loss and life coach who now helps other people become coaches, too.

In addition to diving deep into the ego, we’re sharing openly about our personal journeys to heal ego obsessions with body image and career.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to understand the concept of “ego” (as I refer to it on the show) and wants to learn a step-by-step process to change negative thought patterns. 








  • How Brooke’s love for self help developed early on and what books had the greatest influence on her growing up.
  • What Brooke believes is the most influential tool in your life and how it affects and creates your feelings.
  • Brooke explains how we can better access our intuition by observing our thoughts and understanding the ego.
  • Why Brooke believes we should look at our thoughts as opinions, rather than facts.
  • The common misconception about the Law of Attraction.
  • How we can create a huge shift in how we feel day to day by changing the way we think about our to do list.
  • We both discuss our own struggles with weight and how we were able to find peace in that area of our lives.
  • The danger in finding your worth in your work.
  • Brooke shares about her ongoing struggle with doubt.
  • What Brooke would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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PS- Remember to bookmark this show for when you find you’ve got a tricky ego-attack to help get you back on track then, too!


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  1. Elizabeth Trabert Piper

    I LOVED this episode! I took so many notes and am excited to use this process with my young female clients. I also love, love, love this quote: “The body you’re in is the body you’re meant to be in. There has been no mistake. For you to live your destiny, the life you’re meant to live, this is the body that you’ve been given.” So true. Thank you for your inspiration this morning! I’m going to look into The Life Coach School. Your message coincides perfectly with the message I’m sharing with young women around the world.

  2. Suzy

    Another awesome episode! It was such a happy boost, I definitely will listen to this again. Thank you! I’m really looking forward to mindfulness month: )

  3. Julie Daniel

    This was SO good. Love Gennen Roth, but like you all talked about, her work only got me so far… it wasn’t till I stopped hating on myself that I was able to make her eating guidelines work. Sharing this episode with my sisters and Intuitive Eating Facebook support group I’m in 🙂

    1. That’s so awesome to hear, Julie! I agree, seeing the problem is only the first step, changing the thought patterns are the next. It’s wonderful to hear you have a group to share in intuitive eating with, amazing!!

      And of course, thank you for sharing this episode with them, too. : )

  4. ShannDuff

    I love the guests on this podcast, not only are they inspiring but they always give me mindset shifts to be a little bit better everyday. I’m a huge Eckhart Tolle fan, this episode really hit home!

    1. This is wonderful to hear. I am a big Eckhart fan, too! : )

      (Wouldn’t it be incredible to hear him on TLS?!)

  5. mom_interrupted

    My goodness…I say this every week but THIS podcast was the best! I am going to listen to it a couple more times, as the info is incredible. And Brooke’s personality is so charming, tied-in with her wealth of experience and knowledge AND how your work complements hers – it’s a five star podcast! THANK YOU, JESS! Renee

    1. It’s wonderful to hear you enjoyed the episode – and Brooke’s insights – so much!! : )

  6. Very interesting podcast, I especially appreciate the real-life examples and the professionalism of Brooke Castillo. Thanks!

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