TLS #127: How to Experience More Positive Emotions Everyday with Brooke Castillo (The Life Coach School)


Life coach and fan favorite, Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School, is back on The Lively Show!

Brooke’s first Lively Show about changing our negative thought patterns remains one of the episodes that people return back to again and again for guidance and inspiration the most (myself included!).

And today’s episode?

It’s just as powerful (if not even more so) than the first one.

In today’s episode, we are discussing how to shift the not-so-peaceful emotions that we experience most frequently in our lives to positive emotions in a practical, step by step process.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their emotional life in a tangible and practical way.




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  • Brooke tells us that she create her program to help people feel better in their everyday lives.

  • She has figured out the most important skill to learn is how to manage our emotional life.

  • Brooke has discovered that thinking is automatic for most of us.

  • She tells us that once our thoughts start going, they take over and we actually believe those thoughts.

  • Brooke tells us that we can fuel everything we do in life with wonderful, positive emotion instead of negative “fumes.”

  • She discusses the issues that Jess has and she can overcome stress and overwhelm that exists.

  • Brooke mentions by putting new thoughts in our head, we can shift our perspective to get back on track.

  • She points out that you can fuel the action of creating the result you want with the emotion that you think you’ll get when you get there.

  • Brooks tells us about “thought download” and how this mini-meditation puts you in the position of the watcher and how that allows you to take control.

  • She talks about those who are missing living a conscious life due to our automatic “autopilot,” since we don’t think about things enough beforehand.

  • Brook wraps up with an idea that it’s all little things we do everyday will make the biggest difference in our lives.




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  1. Mari Pepa Blanco

    Hi Jess! I find your podcasts a perfect source of inspiration for me. I would love to hear an interview of Lauren Bush Lauren founder of FEED as I love her values as an entrepreneur and a down to earth woman despite her background. Hugs from Spain!

  2. I really enjoyed listening to this post. Thank you for using so many personal experiences during your interview. They help me understand the concepts, put them into context. Really enjoyed it!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear, Marie! I’m glad my situation helped you connect to what Brooke shared. : )

  3. Ashley St Vil

    Hi Jess, I’m a new listener to your podcasts and just wanted to say Thank you! Your podcasts has really helped me and it’s nice to hear from someone who is so relatable. You announced that Matthew Hussey will be on the show and was wondering if you could ask him about online dating. How do you not focus on the physical(pictures) and focus on what they write about themselves? It’s hard for me because I see profiles that have attractive pictures but as I read on they are not interested in someone like me. The guys who are interested in me I don’t get a wow factor. I feel hopeless, I feel like I will just have to settle and I feel like a narcissistic person which I don’t want to be. If you don’t get to it I understand. Thanks again, Can’t wait for the show to air.

    1. Thank you for these questions, Ashley! Matthew and I do discuss online dating in the episode, I hope you enjoy it! (Though we admittedly don’t get down to exactly the question you share here, I think the points he makes will hopefully be useful for you online and meeting people offline also.) : )

  4. NewMichelle

    Hey Jess! I’m an avid listener of your podcast and yet have never engaged much with your blog or online platform. I’m a grad student at MSU and find that each day I listen to your podcast I am more motivated, more intentional, and less stressed at work and in my relationships. This episode I listened to today and honestly it touched me that I had to contact you. I’m planning a wedding, working a full time job, and in my masters program that I often worry more than I ever need too! The quote you shared of “worry is like a down payment on a problem that may never come true” may just be my new mantra to reduce stress!! Your authenticity always inspires me to do the same in my life, and this particular method of naming ones 3 emotions sparked a great conversation with my finance to help us both change our mindset through these 🙂 I look up to you so much and my friend and I here at MSU love to share perspectives on your podcast over coffee, and would love to do the same with you! Many blessings and keep doing the great work that you are.

    1. This is SO lovely, Michelle! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and for taking time out of your day to share your light with me. : )


  5. Sarah Morrissey

    Hi Jess, I just had to say that this episode was so wonderful! I suffered a major loss about a month ago and the emotions of overwhelmed and grateful have been battling for the top spot in my mind ever since. This past week, the overwhelmed side was really winning and I had been experiencing some physical symptoms of my grief and stress. I decided to take a walk around my neighborhood on this snowy Michigan day and put on this episode. Man, it was just what I needed to hear. Thank you. I’m also curious about the gratitude walks you spoke of. I’m newer to your podcast, so if there is another episode you can point me to that speaks to this more fully, I would love to hear more.

  6. Such an amazing episode! It had a huge impact on me and I’m planning on dedicating a blog post on my own blog to this topic. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Leah LW

    Loved this episode…am considering short-term counseling for dealing with (my end of) a tense relationship with relatives, but Brooke’s wisdom reminded me of techniques that really helped last time I got counseling and I was able to come up with a mantra that made a BIG mental difference during their visit. Huzzah and thanks!

  8. Joanna Pretorius

    Loved this podcast, thanks Jess. The entire time I was thinking of this line from Hamlet which couldn’t be more apt – “Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

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