TLS #202: Abraham Hicks, getting unstuck, losing weight, & making money with Brooke Castillo

Today’s Lively Show has a beloved Lively show guest on once again… Brooke Castillo!

Brooke is the founder of The Life Coach School and Life Coach School podcast. She’s also a fun straight shooter and fellow student of Abraham Hicks.

In today’s show we are having a fun and casual conversation talking about a huge range of subjects: Law of Attraction, doing impossible things, getting unstuck, losing weight, and making $15 million dollars.

This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about alignment and manifesting “impossible” things.





  • Brooke tells us about how she started her career as a weight coach and life coach.

  • She tells us her feelings about The Law of Attraction and her thoughts about the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

  • Brooke discusses the lessons from Abraham Hicks regarding dying and death.

  • She tells us that there are only two ways to truly experience life,  through sensation and emotion.     

  • Brooke describes her thoughts on emotion in that we can create it regardless what’s happening in our circumstance.

  • She tells us what the biggest issues are with some clients since they are indulging in confusion, which is the reason they are not moving forward in the careers or life.

  • Brooke mentions that if you don’t know what to do to move forward, it’s generally because you are not aligning with the version of yourself that you want to be.

  • She believes that one can create abundance by creating decisions out of abundance, rather than fear.

  • Brooke talks about food, and how some people who have challenges with gaining or loosing weight due to the fact that they are not in tune with themselves.

  • She describes how your feelings act as an indication of how aligned you are with your intuition.

  • Brooke mentions how you need a mind shift change when thinking about money by allowing her brain to consider the impossible.




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  1. Jane Buchanan

    This is a first for me but after todays episode I was compelled to write!
    What an absolutely, brilliant, fabulously fun hour I have just spent with you and Brooke…I LOVED it! I listen to both of your podcasts, but WOW! the chemistry between you rocked my heart! You cracked me up with your admission of Joe…hilarious! You are both in my 10 people i would like to have around my table, so much insight but also pushing the (make believe) boundaries and exploring the realms of this amazing life with eyes wide open curiosity and appreciation for all, and everything that is in the moment with you, with every episode I grow a little more, thank you from one very grateful soul who is sharing the journey with you.
    Love you, Jane XX

  2. Geraldine Totesaut

    Hi Jess, thanks for creating these wonderful podcasts. I want to share them with a friend who is blind, but it is impossible for her to access them on the website or the podcast app on her iPhone. Is there an option to listen to these on youtube? She would do that easily. Thanks

  3. Elle Ewing

    Such a great podcast Jess! Manifesting and using my spirit guides changed my life dramatically five years ago. Also, if anyone is interested in past lives I highly recommend Dr. Weiss and his books. Thank you!

  4. Suzy

    Ah! It’s been so long since I last listened to your show, about right before you started traveling…and Wow I love where you’re at, I feel such freshness coming from you. I can’t wait to catch up with listening to the other episodes. I love hearing you talk about LoA and what it’s for YOU because of your intention base values teaching. And I’ll have to give Abraham Hick another try; ) And YOU give Joe a chance, haha! Spirit guides are pretty cool. Yeah it’s crazy woo-woo, but it’s fun; ) Take care!

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