TLS #48: accepting & embracing our talents with brooke white (girls with glasses & american idol)


Today’s show with music artist Brooke White of The Girls with Glasses, American Idol (5th place on Season 7), and Jack and White is a spectacular look at the struggles we can all face when it comes to sharing our creativity, talents…

And handling the self-doubt, rejection, and fear that comes with being vulnerable on a massive scale, or in day-to-day life.

This episode is perfect for anyone who loves an incredible personal journey, struggles to fully embrace their talents, or fears the rejection or criticism of others. 









  • How Brooke first got exposed to music and how it progressed to living in LA as a 17-year-old.
  • Why Brooke quickly came back to her hometown and renounced music for two years.
  • The internal and external battle Brooke faced with approval and accepting her voice and talent for several years before and after music school.
  • The inspiring story of how Brooke decided to try out for Season 7 of American Idol.
  • The lessons Brooke learned during her run on American Idol that landed her in 5th place among the 107,000 people who tried out.
  • The life lessons Brooke has learned since American Idol ended.
  • What Brooke would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




The Girls with Glasses Show

Brooke’s Instagram

Brooke’s band, Jack and White

Brooke’s new charity album money 

Muscians Institute






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  1. Samantha

    This was such a beautiful episode, Jess. I love all your interviews, but the raw vulnerability and beautiful energy Brooke bought to this interview was incredible. I cried, laughed and learnt a lot about self worth. Brooke was one of my favourites on idol, it was great to hear her story. Thank you for bringing her to your podcast. Sam xx

    1. Jess Lively

      That is so wonderful to hear, Samantha! I’m so glad her story touched you and that you followed her journey on Idol, too. : )

  2. renep22

    Love LOVE LOVE this one. I seriously look forward to your pod casts every week!

    1. Jess Lively

      That’s so wonderful to hear! If you are up for it, I would LOVE it if you wouldn’t mind sharing how the show has affected you for the 50th episode! If you are up for it, you can leave your message here ( and hear it played on the 50th episode!

  3. MacKenzie Loewen

    oh my gosh. yes. everything about this. i’m starting from the beginning now because i want to hear it all again. thank you both.

  4. Renae

    Goosebumps, tears, thank you Jess for this wonderful interview with
    Brooke, I knew of Brooke but didn’t really know her full story.

    I loved so many things about what Brooke said – “pushed beyond the fact
    that I wasn’t good enough and I got better” brought me to tears! The
    personal struggle is real and one that I have only been on for a little
    while now, so it is inspiring to hear how she has dealt/is dealing with

    I have been following your inspiring journey for years
    now(first time leaving a comment) and love the podcasts that you are
    doing. Thanks Jess for continuing to all that you do! 🙂


    1. Jess Lively

      I am so glad you enjoyed this episode in particular, Renae!

      And thank you for following the journey and listening to the shows. That means a lot to me. : )

  5. Leanne

    Hi Jess, I’d like to say that this was a great podcast and Brooke had alot to share, alot to express which reached out and made the listener feel and relate to her experiences. Thanks so much for the show! I will also like to say though that while Brooke’s answer to the “what would you say to someone starting out on this journey” was really epic, all the contributors give really great and epic answers to that question in their own way from their own individual experiences and each helps someone starting out on their journey.

    1. Jess Lively

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the show, Leanne! And you’re right everyone has had great answers to the question and everyone will connect differently to each one based on their own personal experience.

      Brooke’s answer hit home on a lot of themes across all of the answers that have been shared by guests in a cohesive, beautiful way that really struck me personally.

  6. Joan Gallob

    I loved listening to Brooke’s story. She really put her thoughts together well, and relayed them to us all perfectly!

    1. Jess Lively

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the episode, Joan! And I agree, Brooke did a fabulous job!

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