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Since January of 2009, I have been writing here on MML, sharing my journey to design my life with intention. I realized quickly that many people wanted to learn more about how I designed my business with intention as well. So I have laid out much of what I’ve learned from growing Jess LC over the past twelve years.

Today I have compiled all the posts by category so you can easily search for topics that may be helpful for other desk job dreamers, midnight hustlers, or small-business owners.



Overcoming obstacles – In the Past I Have

Motivation – Why Bags? (Or Any Other Dream?)

When you don’t feel like doing it any more – Confession

Crafting the mission – “Specialness”

Purpose vs. career – Removing My Career From My Purpose

Relaxing – Lively Says Relax

Excuses – Getting Off Your “But”

Failure – Success vs. Failure, My Perspective

Taking time to do other things – Turning Off Your Business Mind

Over-thinking – Don’t Trip Before the Start Line

Entrepreneurship – My Philosophy on Entrepreneurship


What to do – My Best Piece of Advice

Starting off – A Letter to Small Business Newbies

Starting a business – How I’d Use $100 to Start a Business

What to do – Why Business is Like High School

When you don’t know what to do – I Will Figure This Out

When things aren’t very good – Why Starting a Business is Like Having Sex

High expectations – Takeaways From the First Three Weeks of Re-Branding

Making connections – Pick Up the Phone

Common concerns starting out – The Biggest Leaps When Going Full-Time

The motivation – Lesson Learned: No “Plan B”


Inspiration from other industries – I’ve Knocked Off Another Company

Strategy – Produce Your Own Success Story

Strategy session – Strategy Session with Susan of

How to grow your business – Designing a Business With Intention

Measuring success – Annual Review

Free business coaching – Your Very Own (Free) Small Business Consultant


Problem solving – Two Things Smart Business People Know

Launch now or wait? – When to Push and When to Wait

Product development – Focus on the Goods

Design inspiration – How to Steal Like an Artist


Web traffic – Understanding Google Analytics

Organizing online orders – Gmail Order Tracking


Getting into stores – Getting Into Stores

Trade shows – So You Wanna Know About Trade Shows

Everything Wholesale – Wholesaling Insider Interview with Jess LC


Marketing and selling online – How I Succeeded at Marketing and Selling Online

Marketing advice – Marketing Advice for Online Shops

Blogging and business – Blogging and Business Answers

Blogging TV interview – Blogging and Business TV Interview

PR – Designing a Business with Intention: PR


Customer Service – When There is a Wait, Be a Good Hostess

Tricks of the trade – Make it Happen: Realistic Business

Staying Productive – 12 Ways Successful Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Stay Productive

Budgeting – Finance with Intention: Business Budgets

When things are tough – In the Middle

Email – Email is a Privilege

Email burn out – Why I Didn’t Like Going to Work

Credit cards at trunk shows – Processing Credit Cards at Trunk Shows

Burn out – If You Want to Love Your Job, Leave It

Distractions – Makeunder Your Workday

Extra free time – 16 Things to Do With Extra Free Time

Productivity – How I Get Things Done

Hiring people – When to Hire

Business culture – Creating a Business Culture

A must read – The E-Myth Revisited

Get some rest – Give Me a Break, Every Ninety Minutes


Personal saving – Saving While Self-Employed

Family and career – Be the Best You Are With What You Have

Perks – Field Trips

Health insurance – The Price of Good Health


Who are midnight hustlers – My Small Business Heroes

Boring day job -  Turning Shit Into Fertilizer

Meet the midnight hustlers – Meet the Midnight Hustlers

Hating your job – Why it’s Good if You Hate Your Job

Midnight Hustler – JoJo of Dancing Classrooms

Midnight Hustler – Piper of One Sydney Road

Midnight Hustler – Kendi of Kendi Everyday


Why I started Business in the City – Live (Free) Small Business Workshop

What it’s like – November Business in the City


All time high – A Pilgrim’s Progress

Where I used to be – Flashback to Jess LC Circa 2001

Why MML exists – Why I Started This Blog

Getting Into Macy’s – Jess LC is Now in Mayc’s Designers of Chicago Collection

How far Jess LC has come – The Progression of Jess LC


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  1. I’m sure it took you forever to organize this so THANK YOU! I already have it bookmarked so I can read your whole story from start to finish and refer to it as I make my next move. I left my desk job last week and have so many ideas but so little focus — I can’t tell you how helpful this will be! xx

  2. Jess

    Thanks so much for the comment and thanks, Mackenzie! Best of luck with your new phase in life!

  3. Alyssa

    Jess, this is SO helpful. MML has become one of my go-to resources for inspiration and guidance as I begin the planning process for my business, and it’s really great to have everything in one place. I know you originally started MML because you wanted to write a book on making under, and it looks like you have one right here with all these great posts!

  4. JostWrite

    Thanks for this post. I find it very helpful and resourceful; I will be looking through each article. I just came across your blog a few weeks ago and I am inspired as a writer building a freelance writing business.

    Thank you.

  5. CB

    I love how you organized all of your helpful business advice!

  6. elizabeth

    I know what I’ll be reading for the next few days – this is tremendous and valuable.

    thank you for the virtual hand-holding!

  7. Cheryl B

    I just came across your site today and love all of the small business advice, thank you for taking the time to compile it!

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