business in the city is this thursday

Happy Halloween! This morning I would like to remind everyone interested in coming to our second Business in the City event that it is coming up in Chicago this Thursday from 6:30-8:00.

There have also been a few changes from the previous event including the fact that Next Door is now opening up this event to their entire community, so we will hopefully have an even broader range of people and business ideas to share and talk about. The last event we had 18 people, so this time we are expecting anywhere from 10-30 to show up. You can now also RSVP for the event on Next Door’s calender on the November 3rd date. Feel free to RSVP, but it’s not mandatory. Next Door just wants to know about how many people plan to come so they can prepare for enough chairs and treats for everyone. Which leads me to my next announcement…

Next Door is now going to sponsor our events and will provide treats for us so we no longer need to bring our own! Which I’m very excited about since I’ve never tried any of their delicious looking baked goods.

Business in the City Run Down

As far as what the event will be like, the very loose plan is to have everyone meet in the main space in the back of Next Door (not the conference room, but the bigger space right in front of it) at a group of small tables.

We’ll go around introducing ourselves and our company/business idea. Then we’ll open up the discussion so people can share their business questions with the group. Due to the wide array of people with different backgrounds, we get some great answers, advice, and ideas to help people move their business ideas forward.

Then, we’ll break up into smaller groups based on specific topics (like service businesses, product businesses, marketing, online sales, etc.). After that, we’ll just pretty much open it up to everyone to talk to whomever they want and hang out.

The goal is to have a fun and informal meet up for people who are entrepreneurs, Midnight Hustlers, or Desk Job Dreamers.

Planning on coming? Feel free to comment here and introduce yourself!

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  1. Jess

    Jamie Lee, thanks for letting me know you’d like to come! I am considering other cities to visit for this in the future!

  2. Alyssa

    I am going to try to make it! I am a brand new college grad working at a marketing agency and in the very beginning stages of thinking about going out on my own as an independent PR practitioner. So I guess you could say I’m a desk job dreamer! I’m looking forward to attending next week.

  3. I’m hoping to make this tonight but may be late depending on my delivery schedule! My name is Virginia and I am a 2 year old entrepreneur doing business consulting by day and running sales, marketing and development of my family-owned business by night. My company is the Southwestern Michigan Buttery (

    Our business is butter – all natural local fruit butters made with Michigan fruit, recycled glass jars and love. We offer apple, peach and plum butters and are currently developing a number of new sales channels including partnerships with Chicago’s Downtown Farmstand and Gene’s Sausage Shop, working with schools for fundraisers and a number of shows and events.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting some feedback and new ideas!

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