bussiness advice: gmail order tracking


It’s been a while since I’ve updated with any business advice. And I don’t usually post about other people’s blog posts.

But exceptional advice from an exceptional blog makes this update worth it’s weight in gold. I found Natalie’s blog and order tracking system via Oh Brooke. Here’s a sneak peek of how she tracks her online orders with her gmail account.

I have been using this multiple inbox system since Sunday and I’m completely in love. This system makes completing orders easier to track and manage.

Check out how Natalie has changed my [order processing] life.

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  1. Rebecca

    i just saw this too, and was like “wow’! So i am thinking of testing the waters too.

  2. Natalie Jost

    You’re so sweet, thanks for sharing this! Now I’m trying to think of other cool things to share (see what you started!). 🙂 By the way, that necklace of yours is still sitting here waiting to go to my sister and whispering to me every time I look at it, “Keep me…. wear meeeee.”

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