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As far as most frequently eaten meals go, I think oatmeal has been topping my charts for the last six months. Ever since I discovered the joys of Cheesy Oatmeal (don’t judge until you’ve tried it), I’ve been eating oats for breakfast. And as my old coach on the Michigan Men’s Crew Team (I was a female coxswain my freshman year of college) would say “Oats move boats.”

Which pretty much just means they are good for you and give you energy for long, hard workouts.


Anyways, back to today’s new oatmeal recipe. I came up with this yesterday morning and it was so good I decided to repeat it today as well. The recipe is simple and uses seasonal ingredients I have in my house right now: apples and caramel.

I don’t know about you, but enjoying caramel for breakfast in something “healthy” just seems… awesome.

Here’s how it works in photos, and I’ll explain the process in writing at the end of the post.




Look at all that fiber!


Caramel Apple Oatmeal



1-2 apples (any kind), chopped

Dollop of caramel dip

Drizzle of Agave syrup (optional)


  1. Chop apples into small pieces and saute with non-stick spray for 4-6 minutes until soft and sweet. Drizzle agave syrup on the apples mid-way through for extra sweetness.
  2. While apples saute, cook oatmeal as directed. Steel cut oats rather than instant oatmeal works best, in my opinion. Use a large-ish bowl to make room for the apples.
  3. Once apples are softened, transfer them to the oatmeal bowl. Mix caramel (as desired) and cinnamon into mixture.
  4. Serve and enjoy!

PS- I believe the photo of the “softened apples” is actually apples just chopped, pre-saute. Opps.

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  1. YUM! I have all the ingredients, too! I think I’ll be trying it for dinner tonight! (Looks so good and healthy, I don’t want to wait!)

  2. Juliet

    I LOVE oatmeal and this combo looks amazing! It’s high time I break out of my usual routine — chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts), dried apricots and brown sugar. When I worked in an office, I kept a cannister of oatmeal, jar of peanut butter and jar of honey to mix up breakfast at my desk every morning.

    Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try it.

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