TLS #273: LoA Q+A: How to create what you want consciously with Caroline Rector

Today on TLS, I’m having a now three-peat guest on the show, Caroline Rector, of the incredibly popular mindful style blog, Un-fancy.

Caroline is a wonderful friend from my time back in Austin, Texas… and she’s someone who I’ve admired for her light and calm energy for many years.

In today’s show, Caroline is asking me the questions she has about LoA, now that she and her husband are into learning about the concept. I’ll be talking in depth in particular about the new realizations I’ve had about manifesting and the intersection of what our feelings and our thoughts indicate about what is coming next in our lives.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about how feelings and thoughts connect to what we create in our lives, and for anyone looking to learn more about how Caroline is applying LoA in her own life.









  • Caroline talks about how she progressed her career from photography to wardrobe and style.

  • She discusses how the Law of Attraction has evolved and integrated in both her and her husband’s lives.

  • Jess explains about alignment and the inner being with Caroline.

  • Caroline asks the question about changing the emotion when we don’t have that good feeling.

  • Jess talks about the difference of her inner being and soul when looking at a particular situation.

  • They discuss tapping into the love and compassion which is needed to align with the inner being.

  • Jess reviews her ways to feel better such as sleep, meditation and appreciation.

  • Caroline tells us that she used yoga as a way to tune in to her body and the way she feels.

  • She asks Jess questions about overcoming the fear of being unworthy.




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