TLS #170: how to find flow with a career & family with cass mccrory

2016-09-29-tallToday’s Lively Show we are talking about how to achieve flow in your life – even if you have two kids (and a third on the way), a house, a business, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a husband!

Lively Show listener and Life With Intention Online member, Cass McCrory, has a business strategy consultancy (Capra Strategy) and has a lot on her plate with her growing family. So when I first started talking about flow on the show… Cass thought it wasn’t realistic for her and her circumstances.

However, after doing some deep reflection and a simple experiment, Cass discovered that she has room for 77 hours of flow in her week – and the results from this flow in her life have been profound.

This episode is perfect for anyone who feels like they are a bit unsure about how they can incorporate flow into their lives – particularly if they have busy families and careers.








  • Cass talks about her experience with Flow in her life as a mom, and wife and business owner.
  • She explains to us how she felt so resistant to the idea of flow since she was busy in her life with her family and life.
  • Cass talks about her first experience with having Flow and how incredible it felt and how she wanted to experience that even more.
  • She tells us why she was so afraid to talk to her intuition.
  • Cass mentions the struggle between her ego and intuition and how she finally reached into her intuition to have flow in her life.
  • She tells us how she used to segment her time everyday, and how that planning was not fulfilling her.
  • Cass describes how she managed to free up time in her life and how that became the freeing moment in her life.
  • Cass shares with us her recommendations to get flow in your life which is great for anyone with a lot going on in their lives.




Subtraction Project

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

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  1. Kellyann Mitchell

    I love this concept of Flow so much however….it makes me nervous. I only started goal setting last year. I finally feel like I am planning my life instead drifting. I don’t know how I could go with the flow & still set goals. I am a recent planner junkie!!-haha I used to just make lists but decided last year I was getting myself together bought a fancy expensive planner & now can not imagine life with out planning. The idea of Flow will be swimming around in my head all day….

  2. Julia Mason

    As a new mom I really appreciate this, I’ve already listened to it twice! It is true when you are in the flow you just know, you can FEEL it. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Ashley Staum

    I am actually a planner designer – and this episode spoke to something that’s been rumbling inside of me for awhile now. I live by my lists – I’m either creating a list or checking it off – and the statement that “productivity felt like happiness to me” and that you don’t need to wait until you don’t have your kids with you to do YOU – they both hit home. I’ve been feeling like productivity does NOT feel like happiness any longer, and for someone who lives by my list I’m not sure where to go with that quite yet. But I feel called to start this journey and the timing of this episode could not have been better.

  4. I keep listening to this podcast episode over and over I think I’m at 4 times now 🙂 I never actually realised that I work so much better when I flow through tasks. I’ve been trying to schedule myself and my tasks to become more productive but it doesn’t really work and now I know why! I love the part about the water colour analogy in your planner because that’s exactly what I do! I use a blank book that I’ve painted with watercolour and then I script out my day. I know what needs to get done in the run of a day, week, month and I get them done by doing what feels right.

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