the lively show: intuitive eating & exercise with kelly krause


Today’s Lively Show episode is one of the most inspirational so far!

I’m talking with Kelly Krause, an Austin native who works for South by Southwest Interactive about her recent journey to regain her health intentionally.

Since April 1st, 2013 Kelly has lost 137 pounds and has completely changed her relationship to eating and exercise based on a simple, strong-held values.


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the lively show: facing fears & slowing down with joy wilson (joy the baker)


Today’s episode has been a long time coming.

It started last fall, when The Lively Show was just an idea waiting to happen. On a tiny white leather couch at a New York City event, Joy Wilson (aka Joy the Baker) helped me understand the world of podcasting.

And she promised to be on the show.

Today, in episode #20, she did just that.

Joy is well known baker, cookbook author, blogger, and podcaster.

But she also happens to be a most joyful and charming person.

Today we’re chatting about her long – and often hilarious – journey to baking and blogging, how she faces fears, and why moving to New Orleans has helped increase her peacefulness.

This is a laugh-filled episode that is literally a “Joy” to listen to!


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de-stress with these 4 questions


I’ve recently begun to dive into “The Work” of Byron Katie.

For those who don’t know Byron Katie, she is a speaker, teacher, and author who travels around the world helping people release themselves from their stressful thoughts.

And if you are anything like myself, stressful thoughts are something that need tending to now and again.

After reading her book, Loving What Is, I’ve had the chance to apply her simple framework in my own life and in the lives of some of my clients.

The results have been pretty powerful.

To truly understand this process, I highly recommend reading her book and watching her do The Work with people.

Today, I’d like to walk through Katie’s four simple questions to show how they can be applied to any stressful thoughts you may have now or in the future.



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the difference between inspiration & motivation


Today I’d like to share a story that helps illustrate the difference between motivation and inspiration when taking action in our lives.

This is a tale I share in Life with Intention Online and during speaking engagements to help illustrate the difference between these two approaches.

Once you hear the story, you’ll be able to identify your motivation vs. inspiration in your own life.


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