new Be Present & Be Brave prints in the shop (& new GOLD tattoos!)


Sorry for the late post today! I have been working like crazy juggling everything with the new class launch, podcast, podcast editing, etc.

But I’m thrilled to share a project today that has been cooking behind the scenes over the past few weeks:

New prints for the shop – and GOLD intention tattoos!


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10 reasons why you should join life with intention online + a free intention setting online class!


With Life With Intention Online starting next Monday (and registration closing on Wednesday at midnight), I’ve got two things I’d like to share with you today:

1.  10 reasons you should join Life With Intention Online (pay attention to #10!).

2. I’m teaching a FREE online Intention Setting class tomorrow (9/24) at 11a-noon CST / noon-1p EST.

 Here are the details for each:


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the lively show: purpose, intention, & uncertainty with jess lively


After seven months and 30 episodes… it’s my turn to be in the hot seat on The Lively Show!

To host this episode, I invited writer, speaker, and coach, Rachel MacDonald, of In Spaces Between and Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted, on the show.

Rachel is a previous Lively Show guest herself, so you may remember her (and her lovely Australian accent).

I asked Rachel to interview me since she is a peer in the work that I do, and I knew that she would be able to give an informed and honest opinion of my work.

In the show, we cover my life, the lessons I’ve learned along the way that apply to us all, and how this journey over the past eight years has led to the work I do with Life With Intention Online.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about my journey, or wants to live with more intention and purpose while facing life’s inevitable uncertainty.


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16 intentional moving tips for home & business



Though I’m a little late, I have a fresh new free wallpaper for August! You can download it here

Mr. Lively, Franklin, and I have been in our Austin rental home for just over a week now!

Though we still have things to complete on our checklist like hanging art, selecting a new living room rug, and organizing the pantry, the home is taking shape quite nicely.

Boxes have been broken down and recycled, walls have been repainted, and we are getting familiar with our adorable neighborhood (we love Hyde Park!).

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten a handful of tweets and emails from people asking me to share the tips we’ve gleaned from this move.

So while the move is still fresh in my mind, I’d like to share 16 of the biggest tips I have to help you make your next move a little more intentional.

Not moving right away? Simply save or Pin this post for the next time you need to pack up and make a change. : )


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the lively show: intuition, failure, & authenticity with whitney english (the day designer)


Today on The Lively Show we are having an in-depth conversation with business consultant and Day Designer founder, Whitney English

She is an open, vulnerable, and inspiring woman who isn’t afraid to share her journey and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

In this episode, we discuss embracing our intuition, understanding authenticity, and moving forward in the face of failure. 

This open and honest conversation is perfect for those interested in becoming more intuitive, overcoming comparison, and dealing with failure (or the fear of it). 


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introducing (temporary) intention tattoos


A few months ago, I spent a week installing and completing the hotel lobby design project I’ve been working on for the past twenty months (psst: the big reveal is coming up on the blog next week!).

It was a 2,000+ square foot space that had a long ways to go before the grand opening party at the end of the week.

Construction crews, painters, electricians, and woodworkers were scurrying about asking me for opinions and directions. Meanwhile, I had all the styling and decorating to do, and most importantly my big plan was facing the test:

Would it look as good in real life as it did in my vision?

And: Would all of the interested parties – the owners, manager, sales team, and general public like what I spent almost two years creating?

No pressure or anything.

Needless to say, by the middle of that week I was running on empty in every way.

As I went on an early morning run before yet another (insane) workday, I started cry by the lake.

There were so many things out of my control, yet the responsibility for the success of the lobby design rested on my shoulders.

It all seemed like too much… until, I had a breakthrough: (more…)

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new intention necklaces!


Over the past few months, I’ve been working with Nichole of Acanthus Jewelry to bring back the most popular Jess LC collection of all time: the braille intention necklaces!

We are so proud to bring these to you – each necklace acts as a subtle reminder to Be Brave or Be Present throughout your day.

BePresentNecklace2 Simply rub the braille throughout your day to connect to your Values-based intention.

Each pendant also has the intention inscribed in the back as well. (more…)

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the lively show: intuitive eating & exercise with kelly krause


Today’s Lively Show episode is one of the most inspirational so far!

I’m talking with Kelly Krause, an Austin native who works for South by Southwest Interactive about her recent journey to regain her health intentionally.

Since April 1st, 2013 Kelly has lost 137 pounds and has completely changed her relationship to eating and exercise based on a simple, strong-held values.


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