the lively show: intentions, values, and meaning with noah kagan


Today I’ve got a special guest on The Lively Show that you may not be familiar with, Noah Kagan.

He’s a taco loving, introspective, completely open, Austin-based entrepreneur who is well known for founding and his early involvement in Facebook (he was employee #30).

He also shares great business insights and life hacks on his blog,

In this week’s show, we’re having a “lively” conversation (I don’t often throw that term around, but it’s true) about intentions, meaning, and values.


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facing challenges intentionally


Lately, a few (possible) big changes in my life are being determined by a handful of factors beyond my personal control.

As I’ve waited for these situations to unfold, I’ve felt like an acorn floating down a river.

Sure, I can chart an intentional path down the river, that’s what this whole site – and my life’s work – is devoted to!

But there are times when a rock blocks an opportunity, or a canoe paddle catapults me to a completely different part of the stream.

In those times, I’m trying to get my head above water, rather than careening head-over-heels down the stream dizzy, upset, and gasping for air.

Though the (sometimes dormant) perfectionist in me would like to think that I can one day reach a point of “Acorn Zen” where I never get caught off guard by a waterfall, where I always keep my head above water, that may never be the case.

Or at least that is certainly not my reality in the present moment.

So rather than fight the rocks or force myself to always keep my chin up 100% of the time, I’m working on my (more…)

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don’t turn your “want tos” into “have tos”


At 6:18pm on December 28th, 2011, I sat on the Orange Line train at Midway waiting to return home after a trip to see my family in Pennsylvania.

Due to the snow storm that hit the east coast over Christmas, flights were delayed and my entire trip (with a layover in Minneapolis) lasted about 10 hours.

As I sat in the train I had a mini-breakdown.


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the difference between inspiration & motivation


Today I’d like to share a story that helps illustrate the difference between motivation and inspiration when taking action in our lives.

This is a tale I share in Life with Intention Online and during speaking engagements to help illustrate the difference between these two approaches.

Once you hear the story, you’ll be able to identify your motivation vs. inspiration in your own life.


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feeling lost? please read this


Last week’s Ask Me Anything was a lot of fun! It was so great to help so many of you in such a personal way. I plan on doing another one of these AMA’s in a few months, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’d like to address one of the popular phrases that stuck out to me in answering the questions you shared.

“I feel lost.” 


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