free july wallpaper


Happy July to you!

I don’t know about you, but I was feeling kinda felt like I was swimming in honey while working on projects over the last few weeks. Things were moving, but oh so slowly.

But now that July is here (and Mercury Retrograde is wrapping up), I feel like things are picking up and moving along again!

To celebrate this new month, I’ve got a new summery wallpaper to share.


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new free june wallpaper


Happy June to you!

I don’t know about you, but I love the month of June.

The weather in Chicago tends to be warm – but not crazy hot – the flowers are still blooming, and the whole summer stretches out before us.

But enough about the month, let’s talk about the quote on this month’s free wallpaper, shall we? (more…)

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getting back on track

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Today I decided to mix things up - I am working from a coffee shop this morning (I've been feeling a little cabin fever lately) and I whipped up a…

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a powerful energy

Guys, I had a breakthrough! After working for the past few weeks diligently putting my biggest priority first thing in the morning I finally "figured it out!" I'm not sure…

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free december wallpaper

download the full-size image here Hello again, guys! After a long week spent with our families, it is both good and a bit strange to get back into the normal…

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look at the choices you have

After seeing how not moving to Seattle struck a chord, I wanted to find some wisdom that could help myself and those similar situations see things in a new light. Luckily,…

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