TLS #61 Mini: how to silence doubts when making big decisions


Today’s a big day for three reasons:

  1. Life With Intention Online registration is now open! You can learn more and sign up here.
  2. I’m headed to Alt Summit in Salt Lake City tomorrow to host a podcasting roundtable with Hilary Walker.
  3. I have a new Lively Show episode for you!

Today I’m answering a listener question about how to silence the doubts when making big decisions.

I’m sharing my three tips to help you gain confidence when making big decisions and handle those pesky “what ifs.”

Let’s go to the show!



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what to do when good & bad things happen at the same time


Living in Austin has been wonderful so far.

In a lot of ways, making a big move like this is truly allowing us to set the proverbial “reset button.” As quickly or slowly as we feel like it, we can reincorporate aspects of our old life here and start new habits as well.

One of the new habits I’ve wanted to cultivate in Austin is yoga.

I’ve done it on and off since high school, but wasn’t really digging the workout-focused classes that I went to with friends in Chicago.

Coming here, I knew I wanted to find a class that not only was physically beneficial, but mentally as well.

Thankfully, I happen to live just over a mile away from a fantastic yoga studio with this more spiritually minded slant.

In my first class last week, the teacher discussed the concept of santosha, which means contentment, or harmony.

As he went deeper into the term, he explained that santosha involves using the word “and” rather than “but” to describe our circumstances. (more…)

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3 reasons what you wanted *didn’t* happen


Though we all face disappointment and rejection throughout our lives, “nos” to opportunities we deeply want hit hard.

Today I’d like to share three reasons why those “Important Nos” in our lives may happen. As you’ll see, these nos are actually working out for the best… though we may not see how in the present moment.


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don’t turn your “want tos” into “have tos”


At 6:18pm on December 28th, 2011, I sat on the Orange Line train at Midway waiting to return home after a trip to see my family in Pennsylvania.

Due to the snow storm that hit the east coast over Christmas, flights were delayed and my entire trip (with a layover in Minneapolis) lasted about 10 hours.

As I sat in the train I had a mini-breakdown.


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de-stress with these 4 questions


I’ve recently begun to dive into “The Work” of Byron Katie.

For those who don’t know Byron Katie, she is a speaker, teacher, and author who travels around the world helping people release themselves from their stressful thoughts.

And if you are anything like myself, stressful thoughts are something that need tending to now and again.

After reading her book, Loving What Is, I’ve had the chance to apply her simple framework in my own life and in the lives of some of my clients.

The results have been pretty powerful.

To truly understand this process, I highly recommend reading her book and watching her do The Work with people.

Today, I’d like to walk through Katie’s four simple questions to show how they can be applied to any stressful thoughts you may have now or in the future.



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the difference between inspiration & motivation


Today I’d like to share a story that helps illustrate the difference between motivation and inspiration when taking action in our lives.

This is a tale I share in Life with Intention Online and during speaking engagements to help illustrate the difference between these two approaches.

Once you hear the story, you’ll be able to identify your motivation vs. inspiration in your own life.


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ask me anything

AskMeAnythingAs I pondered what to share with you today that could add value to your life, I realized that I never know exactly what you, you personally, want to hear.

So today, I’ve decided to try something new!

Rather than write a post that I think might be helpful, I would like you to simply email me directly and ask me a question you have!


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