TLS Vlog #7: How to Make Candles in the Microwave

TLS Vlog #7: How to Make Candles in the Microwave @

You guys probably know my obsession with candles, but I’m not obsessed with their prices! I wanted to learn how to make my own so I took a quick trip to Detroit to visit with Dierdre Skiles of Detroit Rose Candle Company. She taught me how to make my own candles in the microwave and it is so simple. Enjoy the video tutorial and check out the directions and resources below!


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TLS Vlog #5: Austin


We are headed to Austin, TX in this week’s episode of the Lively TV Show!

I’m meeting up with photographer Shalyn Nelson to get new head shots taken and we’ll snap some photos in lovely locations around Austin.

While stopping for some shots at Rose Bud Isle dog park, I’ll explain my love for sparkle water and how it correlates with self-worth.

Finally, I’ll show you my favorite taco place in Texas (Tyson’s) and you’ll get to meet my younger brother Michael!


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TLS VLOG #4: Chicago (part 2)


I’m so excited to finally share the reason behind my Chicago trip!

In this video, you’ll meet my curriculum designer, Meghan Malloy. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at us putting the mini-course format together.

Next, I’ll take you on a behind the scenes walking tour. I’ll show you my favorite spots in my old neighborhood and you’ll also see the 3 apartment buildings I lived in Lakeview.

I get a little more personal in this episode as I open up about my time in Chicago and how I started on my ‘Life with Intention’ journey!



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TLS VLOG #3: Chicago (part 1)

Lively Title Card_ChicageP1_3

Today I’m taking you with me to Chicago!

First, we’ll get some work done from home and then we’ll walk to the train station together as I share my love for all things Ann Arbor.

Next, we’ll get a behind the scenes look at MegMade as Meg Piercy shows us her wondrous warehouse. Does that name ring a bell? You may remember her talk about marriage, motherhood and self-worth from the podcast a couple weeks ago!

I’m staying with my friend Danielle Moss (who co-founded The Everygirl) on this trip so I’ll give you a quick tour of her gorgeous apartment.

We’ll then take a peak at some beautiful coffee shops and brunch spots throughout the windy city.



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TLS Vlog #2: Portland


I’m taking you to Portland in today’s episode!

On day one of this three day trip, you’ll meet Tony and Joe from Team Lively while Dana of the Minimalist Baker cooks up some delicious gluten-free garlic mac and cheese.

On day two, I get my hair and makeup done by Madeline Roosevelt and she offers some great application tips and tricks.

We’ll then head to the Fizzle* interview to meet Chase and Barrett. After the interview, I offer some intuition advice during Fizzle’s ‘Office Hours.’

All that interviewing makes me hungry, so we’ll head to one of Portland’s awesome food cart parks for lunch. Afterwards, we’ll bounce around Portland (and may even get an impromptu serenade)!



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