What is Creating from WithIN?

Creating from WithIN will teach you how to express your inner voice and innermost self to the outside world through your preferred creative outlet.

We’re here on earth to create, whether that’s painting a gorgeous sunrise, decorating a fabulous bedroom, or planning the perfect romantic meal. In fact, we’re all creating all the time, we just don’t realize it. However, it can be difficult to express your true self through your creativity when your mind gets in the way and tells you you’re doing it wrong, have to do it like other people, or can’t possibly earn any money that way.

This four week course will help you open up, go with the flow, and create in a way that will truly express your inner voice. 

Course Overview

Creating from WithIN is currently in progress! 

Live calls take place from 7:00 – 8:00 PM EST on the following dates: 

  • Tuesday, March 23rd
  • Tuesday, March 30th
  • Tuesday, April 6th
  • Tuesday, April 13th

Over four weeks, we’ll cover: 

  • Week One: The mind’s expectations and how they interfere with creativity. In the first half of this class we’ll explore how the mind inhibits true creativity and beauty; the second half will be a group IV session with questions specifically designed to help you find out what your IV wants to do next with your creative practice. 
  • Week Two: Opening Up + Allowing Stillness. The first half of class we’ll talk about the ways in which we close off our creativity, how trying to force creativity on a schedule can backfire, and why sometimes stillness and NOT creating is the best way to spark a new idea. The second half of class will be a group IV session exploring how to deepen and expand your creative self. 
  • Week Three: Blossoming Outward. The first half of this class will cover how to let your creative endeavors grow and expand naturally and how to share them with the outside world in an aligned way. The second half will be a IV session asking questions specific to sharing creative projects with the outside world, and how best to blossom outward. 
  • Week Four: Allowing income to flow in through creative practices. The mind has A LOT of stories about it being impossible to earn a living through an alternative career path (like painting, writing, dancing, singing, acting), and we’ll explore them this week. The second half will be a final IV session with questions targeted to generating income via creative practices, and letting go of resistance to being successful doing something creative.

Meet Jen Picicci

I’m an artist, writer, cat petter and certified IVFT facilitator. I resisted following my creative passions for years, trying to force myself onto a “normal” path, until the birth of my daughter shifted my perspective and priorities. I absolutely love creating, especially with watercolor paints, and my happy place is in my home studio or outside on a hike through the forest.