TLS #166: Flowing With Changing Seasons & Shifting Priorities


Today’s show is all about the surprising reality that hit me as I came back to London on the second leg of my adventure…

The unexpectedly Fall-like weather in London, and the changing priorities of this journey.

In fact, many of us may be going through a new season weather-wise, career-wise, relationship-wise, or other-wise… and if we are in the flow, it may catch us by surprise.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing what I’ve done to stay in the flow while this shift happens and how you can do the same in any shift you may be making as well.

This episode is perfect for anyone who is feeling a bit “off” in some area of their lives, or for anyone who is knowingly going through a life transition and want to stay fully present along the way.








  • How going from a summer to fall season made me feel ”off” or different.

  • What this transition period or “season” can look like in your life and why it can be a positive part of your life.

  • Why thinking or planning too far in the future may make us skip living the present moments of our lives.

  • How, even with seasonal changes, we can assess the situation and find alignment within it.

  • How with all the things that have changed in my life, I still reflect on the past and shift my perspective to the future chapter of my life.

  • What is the universe flowing to me in this new season of my journey?

  • Why there might be parts of our lives we need to add to and some parts that we need to let go.

  • Why you want to find balance and be as present as possible while cherishing the progress you’ve made from the previous chapter of your life.

  • How writing down all the memories from your past chapters can help you hold on to them but allow you to move forward.

  • How asking your intuition can help you guide your flow or provide insight going forward.

  • Why we should seek newness, spontaneity and growth.




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