TLS #175: Finding flow with a full-time job when it seems impossible with Charlotte McArthur

Today’s Lively Show is taking us into brand new territory Life With Intention Online territory!

During each round of LWIO, we do a handful of new member stories featuring different members and how they are weaving their intentions and homework into their daily lives.

… And today I’m sharing one of the new Fall 2016 LWIO member stories right here on TLS!

Part interview, part coaching call, and part inspiration, I have a feeling that Charlotte (aka Charlie) McArthur’s member story is going to resonate with many TLS listeners with full-time jobs trying to find more flow in life with their families.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear a personal story of a parent finding more flow and excelling at their full-time job at the same time.







  • Charlotte (Charlie) tells us about her favorite part of Life With Intention Online class.

  • She talks about how writing to her intuition was an uplifting experience and how it became a compass for her life.

  • Charlie discusses her Relationship Intention along with the Values in that intention.

  • She tells us the actions she wanted to take to live up to those Values.

  • Charlie mentions which she needs to remove or include to accomplish her intention.

  • She identifies and tells us how she plans to overcome the resistances of living that intention.

  • Charlie talks about how she received love and approval from her father and her career and how it’s shifting with her intention.

  • She learns about self worth and work and how both are intertwined.

  • Charlie provides us with an update to how she took action about her intention.




Life With Intention Online

Writing To Your Inuition

Marianne Williamson 

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  1. Leanne Caroline

    Yes, yes, yes! Charlie, I resonated 110% with your thoughts and fears. I’m in the same boat re: father’s approval, society’s approval, work approval, all the while desperately wanting to live out the whispers my intuition is giving me. Jess, I benefited 110% from listening to this, it was like your words were directed to me. Thank you ladies for sharing this audio session. With love, Leanne xo

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