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Lately I’ve found some inexpensive ways to add a little oomph to my life. Nothing earth-shattering, just stuff that makes makes me smile.

Exhibit A: Candy Corn Oreos

Yes, that’s right. I know these are far from healthy, but when Mr. Lively and I spotted them at Target last night, we had to try.

As an avid candy corn candy pumpkin eater, I heartily approve. Somehow they managed to perfectly manipulate the (artificial) flavors in this treat.


Exhibit B: Lunchskins

Since we are a no zip-lock household, these new Lunchskins are a great way for me to pack Mr. Lively’s breakfasts and lunches. Plus, they are dishwasher safe (!) and have Velcro.

Mr. Lively and I joke that he can tell the quality of his lunches by the quantity of re-used hummus containers he has to take to work. It’s not rare for him to have 5-7 containers each day. So these new baggies save a lot of space in his messenger bag. Plus, I enjoy the cheerful designs.


Exhibit C: Bath and Body Works Candle – Leaves

When it comes to candles I do love me some pretty (and expensive) scents. And though I will splurge here and there on fancy candles, I also like to light them everyday – which can get expensive.

The most economical candle I’ve found with the best fall scent (by far) is Bath and Body Works’ scent, Leaves. It is delicious and not sugary or too sweet. The label also peels off easily so it instantly looks more expensive. And if I light one wick at a time each night, two candles will last me a whole season. Considering that B&BW frequently has two for $20 deals, I patiently wait until they go on sale and grab them for just $10 each.


Any other cheap tricks out there I should know about?

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  1. We are huge Lunchskins fans also! I use them all the time when traveling to carry various gluten free, healthy snacks with me on the plane. Much more space conserving than bulky containers.

  2. Joelle

    LOVE the Leaves candle! I was really disappointed when I went in recently and they didn’t have the big candles on sale. I got a few small ones, but I always have to have at least one in my home during the fall 🙂


  3. Linnea

    I really need to give those Lunchskins a try… we go through too many ziploc bags, I’m sad to admit. Are they easy to wash? My fear is that they would be tough to clean on the inside? Wet crumb fear right here.

    I love the Leaves scent from B&BW. I’m waiting until another 2 for $20 sale, then I’ll snag a few. Right now I have a Glade Cashmere Woods candle burning on my desk. It’s another fall scent that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  4. I am absolutely in love with the Bath & Body Works candles as well. I picked up a few while on a little vacation recently, and now my house smells like Fall. My favorite, so far, is the cinnamon donut and caramel pumpkin latte. Sooo amazing.

  5. Clara

    I’m so impressed you guys are a no ziploc household… I should really get on board with that. I recently just bought a new dish drain for literally a dollar off of Amazon (the shipping was more expensive) and it has changed my life. It makes me so happy!

  6. kelsey

    Those LunchSkins sound awesome, and with a little digging I see that they are available in a few stores in my area!

    For our cheap tricks, we cut things in half that are bigger than we need so we can get more uses out of them. Most of these that come to mind are baby items. Boogie Wipes are the size of a normal Kleenex, but a baby’s nose is much smaller so we cut them in half before using. We do the same thing with the Munchkin disposable changing pads.

  7. My new favorite cheap trick/discovery is the Method line from Target. I mean, you have to buy dishwashing soap anyway, might as well buy one that comes in fun packaging! It isn’t that much more expensive than a generic brand, and certainly less expensive than buying fancy decorative bottles. It brightens up my kitchen just a little, and I love that it has a pump.

    I just got the Pineapple Mango candle from Bath & Body Works — love!

  8. Jess

    Thanks for your awesome suggestions, ladies!! I’m also happy to hear there are other Lunchskin and Leaves fans out there!

    Linnea, I haven’t had the Lunchskins long enough to speak about crumbs… so far we haven’t had anything super crumbly in them or washed them yet. : )

  9. Janna

    So….I never thought of lighting just one wick at a time. Do you alternate so it melts evenly? Seriously, am I the only one who lights all three at once? I can’t wait to try this scent and only light one wick – it will last three times as long — whoopee!

    Also I just purchased one of your scarves – perfect because my initials are JC! It is beautiful. Any more JC iPad covers around or any other leather items?

    Oh, and your new apt looks great – outdoor space and a gas fireplace- how much fun!!

  10. Sage

    I’ve seen Lunchskins and I know I should stop buying Ziploc bags, but I haven’t found any reusable bags that are also see-through. It’s important for me to be able to see what’s inside so I don’t have to open each one to find what I’m looking for…or accidentally leave food in there to rot!

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