TLS VLOG #4: Chicago (part 2)


I’m so excited to finally share the reason behind my Chicago trip!

In this video, you’ll meet my curriculum designer, Meghan Malloy. You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at us putting the mini-course format together.

Next, I’ll take you on a behind the scenes walking tour. I’ll show you my favorite spots in my old neighborhood and you’ll also see the 3 apartment buildings I lived in Lakeview.

I get a little more personal in this episode as I open up about my time in Chicago and how I started on my ‘Life with Intention’ journey!



Show Notes


Joy’s Noodles
Next Door Cafe
House Tour of Apartment #2
House Tour of Apartment #3


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  1. Melissa Hinton

    I was unable to watch the video; said it’s private. i look forward to the new course!

  2. Caro Griffin

    I was just eating your favorite nachos last night and thinking of your Chicago tours! Also funny to see that your first apartment building is one I know well – I live just down the street and have two friends who have lived there over the years. Maybe it’s a right of passage for new Lakeview-ers 🙂

    Looking forward to learning more about the new course!

  3. Jacki

    So fun. I’m heading into Chicago this weekend, and now I have a noodle place to try out.

  4. Tiffany Salisbury

    Can’t wait to hear more about the work + worth program. Sounds amazing!

  5. SEM

    Does Meghan have a website for her services?

    1. Jess Lively

      No, she’s a grad student becoming a therapist and does not offer these services publicly.

  6. I’ve never been to Chicago, so I enjoyed getting to see some of your old spots. And I’m really looking forward to your course on worth and work, because I still struggle with defining myself based on my work/function/output. And lastly: I LOVE the new photo on your homepage <3

  7. I love the insight you gave on how you embraced the ideas of ego and intuition. I was just wondering if you had taken a coaching class or if you had come into it in your own way. You answered my question. Another great video. Thank you! =)

    1. Jess Lively

      : ) That’s wonderful to hear! And yes, that breakup really helped me put the intuition and ego concepts into my everyday life. : )

  8. Emily

    It would be amazing to talk to Megan about her journey. Her job seems like something I would love to do. Any way to contact her? Thanks Jess!

    1. Thanks for asking, Emily. Megan has asked to remain private as she focuses on her current masters program. : )

  9. Kristina

    Love the vlog, as always! I thought it was especially fun to check out your various house tours and see how your style has evolved. Also, thanks for being so honest and open about how you feel being back in Chicago. I could relate in many ways 🙂

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