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As I mentioned last week, one of my intentions for December is to cultivate Christmas traditions. And one of the big actions for this intention is complete:

He’s the newest addition to my apartment. Mr. Lively and I picked him out at the market around the corner. We used big and little white lights due to some inspiration from the Ralph Lauren trees downtown at their flagship store. And then a slew of my childhood Christmas ornaments filled out the rest. That little mouse about a third of the way from the top? She is from my first Christmas in 1984.

Each year I plan to get Mr. Lively an ornament as well so we can get a little more Mister on the tree.

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  1. Jess, I LOVE your tree. It’s beautiful. Also, the bowl with pine cones and ornaments is such a great idea. It looks rustic and pretty. 🙂

  2. CUTE! I love those little trees. We’ve started buying a special ornament together each year since we’ve lived together and it’s such a sweet tradition now that we’re a few years in and can look back at each year 🙂

  3. So cute!! I love the sentimental ornaments. We just started buying sentimental ones together. What did you use for the tree “skirt”?

  4. What a good tradition! My boyfriend and I purchase an ornament together each year at Christmas with the year on it! It is one of my favorite traditions.

  5. CB

    I love your tree! P.S. I made those sequin ornaments you featured a few days ago and I’m giving them to my grandma as a homemade Christmas gift! Thanks for the cute idea! 🙂

  6. Jess

    Thanks, ladies!

    Lauren, it is actually a square table cloth from Anthropologie I got years ago on sale. I am in the process of cutting it up to make stockings, but for now it’s also doubling as a tree skirt. : )

    CB, so cool that they are going to have your homemade ornaments!!

  7. Anja

    loving your tree. It’s so great that you have all those special ornaments! Loving the idea of giving the Mr. some ornaments as well to build a history together.
    My ornaments are entirely heirlooms from my greatgrandma and my grandma and I only seldomly add some new ones to keep this special feeling.

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