The Expanding Awareness Bundle

This ultimate course bundle includes Jess’s core curriculum – Flow With Intention, Magic, Not Manual, and CSchool. The combination of these teachings covers both the science and the woo-woo sides of consciousness, quantum mechanics, and manifestation to help you understand the multi-faceted aspects of reality on a deep level.

And clocking in at over 5,555+ minutes (~94 hours) of online teaching and coaching combined, you’ll have plenty of learning to dive into! 


“If you’re called to this work, follow the call, you won’t regret it! “

— LETICIA R., IVFT Graduate

“Jess is a big sister, best friend, and guru all rolled into one great podcast.”

— @Soul928, Lively Show Listener

“An exceptional woman-hosted podcast for entrepreneurs.”


This online course teaches you how to apply the concepts of consciousness, alignment, the law of attraction, emotional selection, flow, energy, and much more to find more ease, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your everyday.

Cschool (short for Consciousness School) is a new approach to education designed to help people learn how to use the other 95% of their minds! This online and live experience will teach you how to deliberately use your brain states, thoughts, and subconscious mind in a practical, step-by-step manner quickly and effectively.

Magic, Not Manual is an online course focusing on expanding beyond the concepts taught in Flow With Intention Online, MNM is an entirely new way of living in the world and approaching manifesting from beyond the mind. The powerful releasing of what Jess calls “emotional bean bags” is also covered in this course.