closet design (phase two)


On the organizing front in the new place we’ve been making progress! A few weeks ago I shared Phase One of the tiny 4’x5′ master closet Mr. Lively and I share.

As you may recall, it looked like this.

Not too bad, but definitely not taking advantage of all the vertical space on the back and right walls.

So we went to Ikea and got four Grundtal rails and several packs of S hooks for about $55 total.

Installing them (with our own screws, they don’t come with them) was pretty simple with a drill.

Then it was the fun part, putting the accessories in place.

The back rail is for Mr. Lively’s belts and ties. While the lowest rail, near the laundry basket, is a spot to hang damp clothes or extra running gear.

The top rail on the right is for my long scarves.

And the middle right rail is for my silk scarves and skinny belts.

Overall, I like how the scarves and accessories add a hit of color and pattern in the tiny space.

It helps make the space cheery and organized all at once.

Talk about form and function.


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  1. Sydney

    how very clever!! I have a tiny closet and this would be PERFECT to maximize the space!

  2. What a great idea!!! Definitely going to have to pick up some of those the next time I go to Ikea… P.S. Your scarf collection is gorgeous!

  3. ElJamesBlog

    Wow, it looks great! And goodness, all those accessories add such nice pops of color. 🙂

  4. Anja

    loving the scarf racks! looks cool, colorful and you have them all in place! Well done!

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