For the nothingness of Zen is not lifeless like emptiness, but, on the contrary, is something quite lively. 

It is not only lively but also has heart, and moreover, is aware of itself.

– Shin’ichi Hisamatsu

What is Cocoon?

The “dragon” or “cocoon” phase of any life is a profound one. 

It is one of deep experience, even deeper trust, and the deep dive into the unknown. 

What will it be like to be me, without “the me,” one asks? 

That is what those who go through the phase of cocoon will discover. 

It must not be rushed or pre-remembered. It is something that deeply occurs over a space of time and releasing that is beyond what the mind can currently now imagine. 

It is okay. It is safe. It is normal. It is allowed. 

It is something all will experience, but not all at the same time. That is a gift. 

It is a gift only you can give to yourself – when your deeper essence is ready to remember.

Feel into this experience to see if it feels aligning for you. If it does, come to join within ourselves, within each other, and most importantly: within yourself.

About Cocoon

Biweekly Calls, November-February  –  8 sessions

Cocoon is a 4 month long experience of unfolding within yourself, releasing all you have known yourself to “be” in a series of bi-weekly guiding calls with Jess (who will be sharing very candidly about her personal experience with this phase of her own live over the past 2.5 years, and helping to illuminate where your mind may be holding on to resistance and stories that are ready to be released). 

Calls take place LIVE each Wednesday at 6-8pm EST (call recordings will be sent out after, and questions can be submitted weekly ahead of time if you can’t make the call live).

The Collective Collective (additional + optional)  –  4 sessions

You will also have the support of The Collective channeled by Annie Francoeur, as the Coco (The Collective Collective) Round 3 is included in Cocoon. 

Through the Coco Round 3, you’ll have 4 optional sessions with The Collective — where you can ask them questions regarding your experience, and get guidance on this process from a non-physical perspective. The Coco is completely optional and additional to Cocoon – it is not a part of the core content, but the Coco Round 3 membership is included for those who join Cocoon.

2 Surprise Guests  –  2 sessions 

I (Jess) am also going to invite and introduce you to two dear mentors of my own who have been instrumental in my own journey, to answer questions you have as well. These guests are a surprise, and the dates of these sessions are TBD.

Cocoon Community  –  on the new Lively Community app 

You’ll also have a private group for Cocoon members in the new Lively Community app. This will be where you can share and check in with other Cocoon members as much as you like!

Our Cocoon timeline is:

The Coco Session 1 (optional): Nov 4th, 5-6:30pm US EST
Cocoon Session 1: Nov 11th, 6-8pm US EST
The Coco Session 2 (optional): Nov 18th, 5-6:30pm US EST
Cocoon Session 2: Nov 25, 6-8pm US EST

The Coco Session 3 (optional): Dec 2nd, 5-6:30pm US EST 
Cocoon Session 3: Dec 9th, 6-8pm US EST
The Coco Session 4 (optional): Dec 16th, 5-6:30pm US EST  
Cocoon Session 4 : Dec 23rd, 6-8pm US EST

Cocoon Session 5: Jan 6th, 6-8pm US EST
Cocoon Session 6: Jan 20th, 6-8pm US EST
Cocoon Session 7: Feb 3rd, 6-8pm US EST
Cocoon Session 8: Feb 17th, 6-8pm US EST


Ready to Join Us?

Are you an IVFT grad? 

You get a special Cocoon rate as an IVFT grad. Please head to the IVFT Teachable site to find your purchase link, and email with any questions.

Haven’t taken IVFT yet but want to join Cocoon? 

If you haven’t taken IVFT yet, but you are thinking about it or know that you want to join our next round in 2021, you can still join Cocoon. And once we launch the next round of IVFT, you’ll be able to get a special Cocoon discount in your IVFT training. So essentially: you’ll invest and save the same amount – whether you join Cocoon and then IVFT, or IVFT and then Cocoon.

Cocoon is now in progress. Please reach out to with any questions. Thank you!