Drop-In Sessions

We offer live drop-in sessions hosted by certified Inner Voice Facilitators. Each session is like inner voice “micro-dosing” — connecting deeply with your inner voice around a topic of your choosing. Categories include Inner Voice Essentials, Love & Relationships, Health & Wellness, and more!

We also offer class packs, allowing you to purchase 3 or 6 drop-in sessions at a discounted rate!

Courses + Workshops

An Inner Exploration of Death

Join Kathryn Sullivan, inner voice facilitator and certified death doula, to contemplate the end of life through a Tibetan Buddhist death meditation followed by inner voice Q&A. In this safe and compassionate space, all of your mind’s queries and concerns are welcome. During open mic and 1:1 mini-sessions, we’ll invite the inner voice to share its illuminating peace and wisdom on any questions you may have.

BB 101: What the Heck is a Bean Bag Anyways

BB 101 : What the Heck is a Bean Bag Anyways is a two-part workshop mini-series that will cover what a bean bag actually is and how to release it in ways that feel fun, safe, and full of flow. Participants are encouraged to sign up for both parts (and will receive a slight discount for doing so) but are not required to.

Meet the Collaborators

Get to know the Inner Voice Facilitators who lead Collabratory events through a Q+A hosted by Jess! You’ll get to know them and learn all about their upcoming events. This Q+A was recorded on Aug. 11.

Zoom Passcode: be9#5u5?

Starts June 3rd!

This 6-week course is for IVFT graduates ready to MOVE FORWARD on their inner voice business. Mov-IN Forward is perfect for IVFT graduates incorporating inner voice facilitation into an existing business OR a new business. 

Starts June 16th!

In this 90-minute workshop we’ll talk about the different types of fear, what purpose they serve, and how to let go of fear when that purpose becomes more of a hindrance than a support.