Drop-In Sessions

We offer live drop-in sessions hosted by certified Inner Voice Facilitators. Each session is like inner voice “micro-dosing” — connecting deeply with your inner voice around a topic of your choosing. Categories include Inner Voice Essentials, Love & Relationships, Health & Wellness, and more!

We also offer class packs, allowing you to purchase 3 or 6 drop-in sessions at a discounted rate!

Currently in progress

INcome is a 4-week course designed to untangle old stories and bust through the mind’s limiting beliefs that are blocking money from coming to you effortlessly. At the end of the course, you will have a deeper understanding of how your mind and Inner Voice can work together to eliminate the stress that can arise around money and have more TRUST (and fun) when it comes to creating money and abundance. 

Currently in progress

Soul Food is an intuitive eating course that dives deep to connect you to your Inner Voice on the topics of eating and body image! If you’re sick of trying everyone else’s diet tricks, and want to find the peace and sustainable connection of your inner voice around food, this is for you.

Currently in progress

Intuitive Dating is a 7-week course designed to unravel old stories your mind may be carrying that make dating feel harder than it needs to be. We’ll uncover the ways we’ve been taught to think about relationships and create space for the Inner Voice to show us a different way of approaching romantic connections. 

This online course teaches you how to apply the concepts of consciousness, alignment, the law of attraction, emotional selection, flow, energy, and much more to find more ease, fulfillment, and enjoyment in your everyday.