TLS #167: Creating an intuition-led career & Life With Intention Online with Colleen Kavanaugh


In honor of Life With Intention Online registration now being open (class starts this Sunday, September 18th), I have a special interview for you with Colleen Kavanaugh.

Colleen is a Certified Caregiving Consultant over at I’ve gotten to know Colleen personally through Life With Intention Online and through Life With Intention Mastermind this year and am so grateful to share her story.

In this episode, Colleen shares the journey that led to the intuition-led career she now has — and the difficult (and life-giving) decade that came before this new chapter of her life.

She’ll also be sharing openly about her experience with LWIO, who she believes it is a good fit for, and more.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of someone finding true clarity with their next career path, or for anyone looking to find out if Life With Intention Online may be the right fit for them.







  • How Colleen was a caregiver to both of her parents who lived with Breast Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and also had a job, was raising a family and was coping the best she was able to.

  • Colleen discusses that she knew something was missing in her life, but it took a while to figure what that was.

  • She describes how she wasn’t fully happy with her life and noticed she had an internal resistance building up.

  • She talks about how that resistance led to her making a change and fix her life going forward.

  • Colleen mentions that she began exercising to help deal with her struggles and later, she used Life With Intention Online to help her move forward.

  • She tells us her views about Life With Intention Online and how it helped transform her to the person she is today.

  • Colleen discusses how great and important the community that is formed from LWIO and how it has become her support, inspiration, accountability and source of strength in her life.

  • She tells her her favorite part of LWIO was discovering her intentions and finding her values.

  • Colleen describes how her daughter has joined her in LWIO to help narrow her Values while moving onto college and beyond.
  • She tells us how she is more focused on keeping what she wants in her life in, and what she wants out of her life out.



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by Marie Kondo

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PS – Life With Intention Online registration is now open through Friday, September 16. Class runs September 18th – October 21st.

PPS – Join me tomorrow night for a free online fireside chat about how I’m using my current Values-based intentions to guide my travels and my dating life!

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  1. Erin O'Donnell

    Colleen, you helped me realize I had a magical moment yesterday. I’ve been playing Beatles for my 6 year old daughter. She was asking about the songs and I’d say the name or who was singing.
    One John Lennon song played and she asked “Is this the Beatles?” and I
    explained how it was from after they broke up and how the members did
    their own thing. Later after bath I told her I’d play any song for her
    as she brushed her teeth. She asked for a “Beatles song after they split
    up.” I was so proud, she brought it back to me 😉 I chose Every Night
    by Paul.

  2. michelleelford

    If I’ve listened to most of your podcasts, and understand the process of writing to your intuition and establishing your Values based intentions, will I learn more than that in LIfe with Intention?

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