TLS #264: LoA Q+A: Overcoming Income Resistance & Understanding the Deeper Reasons with Colleen Kavanaugh

Today’s Lively Show is a new version of the LoA Q+A series… it’s an in-depth interview + coaching session all rolled into one!

In this episode, I’m helping Colleen Kavanaugh of and The After Life podcast, about an aspect of her life where she’s had trouble manifesting: income from her business.

In the episode, we go deep into the resistance, beliefs, and cultural conditioning which have been keeping Colleen’s income from flowing. And we discuss ways she can release this resistance to allow more abundance in ease-fully.

This episode is perfect for anyone who has been having trouble making as much income as they would like, or for anyone who wants to hear potential ways to uncover and release resistance to other manifestations in their life.







  • Colleen discusses that she knew something was missing in her life, and it took a while to figure what that was and let flow guide her.

  • She tells us how she is more focused on keeping what she wants in her life.

  • Colleen tells Jess that she has been continuing to follow the breadcrumbs of her curiosity and it’s been leading her to great places in her life.

  • She tells us how she was manifesting things she wanted in life, but there are some blocks she’s been facing, including manifesting income.

  • Colleen discusses how her doubts may be causing a shift in her vibration and how that impacts her understanding of Law of Attraction.

  • She tells Jess about what she is currently manifesting about, and Jess helps her focus those thoughts and actions.

  • Colleen works with Jess to discover where and why her blocks are in terms of money in her life.

  • She figures out that the answer to her path is through her intuition.




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