coming clean about the cleanse- part 2

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So now that I am back to being flexitarian* I have decided to continue a few of the habits I formed while on the cleanse. Here is a quick run down of my new intentions:

  • Regarding meat and dairy I actually didn’t mind going without dairy as much as I thought I would, so I plan to eat vegan at home and flexitarian when I am eating out. This way I can still enjoy cheese in moderation. I also plan to continue to drink soy and rice milk, I now genuinely prefer these choices over normal milk.
  • Regarding alcohol I will continue to drink more red wine in place of Woodchuck Cider or super sweet Pinot Grigio.
  • Regarding gluten This really won’t make much of an imact on my life. I am still pro wheat.
  • Regarding added sugar I have enjoyed limiting my sugar fix for Saturday afternoons. No more noshing on cookies mindlessly after dinner. Or in the afternoon. Or on the bus.
  • Regarding caffiene I will continue to drink my daily cup o’ honey vanilla white chai.

So there it is. I think overall the cleanse was a great chance to become more mindful of what I eat and I also learned to use lots of new vegan friendly ingredients like agave nectar, soy and rice milk, brown rice pasta, gluten-free waffles, and soy cheese. And perhaps best of all I am eating more veggies than I have in my entire life.

Though the cleanse may not be for everyone, a more moderate way of eating focusing on vegan or vegetarian options turned out to be a great way for me to makeunder my meals.

* Flexitarian: I am vegetarian 96.5% the time. But if I am in front of spicy hot buffalo wings at a sports bar, it would be hard to tell.

[photo from Rachel at Heart of Light]

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  1. Rachel

    I have to admit that the whole idea of the cleanse is way too intimidating for me, but I mostly eat vegetarian anyways, so I figure I’ll come out okay.

  2. Kaitlyn

    Hooray! We did it! I can’t wait for Mexican food tomorrow night!

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