TLS #49: approaching holidays intentionally with courtney carver (be more with less)


Today I’ve cooked up my first LivelyShow Thanksgiving special just for you!

I’ve got a full-length Lively Show designed to help you kick off one of the most meaningful, joyful, and stress-less holiday seasons ever!

I’m talking with the incredible Courtney Carver of Be More With Less about how we can approach this holiday season from an intentional perspective.

But this show covers much more than just changing our approach to gift giving, decor, holiday commitments, and increasing the elements of the holidays that mean the most.

We are talking about the importance of being proactive with our health, handling a difficult diagnosis, and how to make gradual shifts towards a simpler lifestyle that lead to huge transformation.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to reduce the holiday stress, increase holiday joy, put themselves first, and to prevent or manage a difficult health issue.










  • How an MS diagnosis changed Courtney’s life forever – from one of “more is more” to “be more with less.”

  • The first steps she took to be proactive with her health and stress levels in order to minimize or delay the effects of MS.

  • How Courtney and her husband became completely debt-free making small, gradual changes.

  • Courtney’s advice for those looking to spearhead changes in their family or marriage.

  • How Courtney overcame her fear of uncertainty.

  • Courtney’s wise approach to holiday decorations and traditions. (~22:00)

  • Courtney’s advice for declining holiday events that are not meaningful to you.

  • Courtney’s advice for more meaningful gift giving and receiving.

  • What to do if you receive a gift you don’t really like or want to keep.

  • Why Courtney’s MS diagnosis was one of the best things to ever happen to her.

  • Courtney’s advice for those with or without a serious diagnosis that may benefit our health and wellbeing.

  • Courtney’s new definition for “more is more” and the abundance mentality.

  • What Courtney would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. joanna

    I love when my favorite most inspiring bloggers collide! I have followed Courtney for quite some time. She has really inspired me to live with less. I’m excited to listen! Thx for finding great guests each week! Joanna

  2. sharon stanley

    wonderful thoughts here. loved this podcast and picked up lots of helpful tips for the upcoming season….

  3. kristin

    loved the show! — especially the discussion about giving gifts. other ideas i’ve come across lately are: having a prized possession restored, researching someone’s family tree, giving them money to use on, & giving your help,time or talents 🙂

  4. Heidi

    I am so stoked you had Courtney on your show. I’ve listened to every one of your shows (they’re the only way I can drag myself up and down the hills on my morning walks), and this one is a fave! But then I’m a bit biased since she’s the one that encouraged me to let go and be more without the safety net of a regular job. Great job on finding some of my favorite people to interview, and sharing new faces I’m always learning from too.

    1. That is so cool to hear, Heidi!

      It’s awesome to hear how Courtney helped you so much going off to do your own thing! : )

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