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As we’ve been decorating our home (or at least starting to decorate our home) we have been using Craigslist to find pieces that have a bit of character with a great price tag.

The Craigslist app has been my constant companion lately as I’ve hunted for the perfect mirror, guest room furniture, etc.

Here are our recent scores.

These vintage vinyl and chrome chairs are perfect compliments to the new modern couch. Mr. Lively wanted some leather in our space and these puppies look like baseball glove leather for a fraction of the price. We got the pair for $150.

This antique mirror was a major steal at just $40. The price was so good that the lady we bought it from couldn’t believe she priced it so low.

This will soon be mounted above our mini bar in the main room.

And this little guy has definitely stolen my heart, especially priced at $125. Though it’s not Mr. Lively’s cup of tea, he agreed to let me have it in the guest room to use as a possible future vanity or consulting station.

He is definitely cute dressed in yellow but he looks a bit too Palm Springs for my taste.

I plan to paint him white, make a new velvet cushion, and paint those drawer pulls… you guessed it, gold.

And last but not least, we have Mr. Lively’s favorite thing in the whole apartment: the patio coffee table. This cooler is from the 1920’s and is perfect for outdoor storage or actually acting as a cooler for future patio parties. At $60 he adds way more character to the space than anything we could have bought from a store.

Now I just have a one more Craigslist find to hunt down… a hallway mirror.


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  1. Those chairs are to-die-for!! And I definitely agree on the potential of the yellow desk. Best of luck on the hallway mirror hunt!

  2. great finds on craig’s list! I’ve found a lot of really unique home accessories for great prices on Etsy. Does take a bit of looking, but I assume Craig’s list does too!

  3. Jacki

    If you see a stranger on your patio, it’s me. I’ll bring baked goods to make it less weird. Your patio is just too cute and welcoming! 😉

    Craigslist is awesome! I’m scouring it now for similar purposes. My house needs some style for less money!

  4. AdeOla

    A stranger on your patio? LOL. I will be the unwanted guest who moved in and never left. I love every single one of these finds. Love them!

  5. Chelsea

    I LOVE craigslist! and that yellow dresser/desk, awesome!!

  6. John Easter

    Wow! So luck of you to find lots of gorgeous stuffs in the internet, big thanks to Craigslist. No need to buy one from an auction or antique shops. Craigslist is just one great classified ads that you can count on.

  7. Maggie Rose

    Ah, I’m in love with those chairs! I just really want to see a big 8×10 rug in there 😉

    I have limited success with Craigslist. Every 6 months or so I score. But Seattle seems to be lacking in affordable pieces that aren’t Ikea 🙁 We do have some good consignment stores though.

  8. Jess

    Jackie and AdeOla – too funny ladies! Just don’t scare me in the dark. : )

    Maggie, agreed. It would be nice to have a bigger rug, if the price tag was right. : )

  9. Nadine

    Hi there, place is looking great! I find Craigslist so overwhelming! Any tips for helping weed through all the junk? Just patience or certain searh terms?

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