TLS #194: Quantum Living: Creating your own reality – Rationally & Trans-Rationally

Today’s Lively Show has the potential to dramatically shift how you view and interpret the concept of “reality” – and your true role in this world, as a result.

I’ll be sharing about the connection between our perception, emotions, and neural net in a way that may dramatically shift your perspective on what “reality” truly means.

And in the process, I’ll be giving both rational and trans-rational paradigms to explain why the Law of Attraction works on both levels.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into how their own “life experience” plays out within their body, or for anyone wanting to understand the power of perception and the Law of Attraction.





  • What really is “Reality” to us.
  • How our mind processes about 400 billion pieces of information per second but we are not even aware of most of it.
  • How do emotions become part of our “reality” when the thoughts we think become chemical reactions within the body and produce a physical feeling or reaction.
  • Possible rational and trans-rational theories in relation to Law of Attraction and Reality.
  • How the Law of Attraction is there to set your frequency now so that you select, sift and sort for the things that you want.
  • Why our lives can stay consistent if we fall in the same consistent emotional patterns over time.
  • How we can start deliberately creating the reality we want.




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  1. B Lew

    Hello. What microphone and other equipment do you use to record your podcast?

  2. Frances

    Thank you so much for this podcast. This helped tie together so many concepts I have been learning about and affirmed and put words to things I feel like I’ve always known to be true deep down but could never have articulated. Thanks Jess – My favourite episode ever (and they’re all good!)

  3. Jeannette Noëlle Renggli

    Hi Jess
    really great podcast! Could please give me the sources where you found these informations? I’m writing a paper about exactly this subject and it would be so helpful!

  4. Hello, Jess! Thank you for this podcast. It was really inspiring! Unfortunately I can’t find the original scientific research about 400 billion pieces of information our mind process every second. I saw this information in a few metaphysics books but would like to know who and how made the calculations. Maybe you can help to find original source of information?

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